There’s Nothing Like High Gas Prices And A Looming Election To Focus The Mind


“The White House will move forward without congressional action on a set of ideas espoused by Republicans and oil-state Democrats to expand oil and gas drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska and potentially parts of the Atlantic seaboard”.

Drill! Baby! Drill! is the new Hopenchange.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on “There’s Nothing Like High Gas Prices And A Looming Election To Focus The Mind”

  1. Yeah, that “electricity prices will necessarily skyrocket” plan is not working out so well for Barry. His oil approach has been the same.

    Sounds like he wants to act before Republicans get credit for acting on increasing exploration and development. But he will take “baby steps”, as the one guy said. He’ll brag and brag, while still stifling American production as much as possible. That’s our Barry. 😯

  2. Conn Carroll agrees with you and says all this is just more Obama semantics and he has no intention of expanding drilling in Alaska, etc.

    Not even “baby steps”—just more Obama yapping.

  3. His lips are moving. He talks but he will delay, delay, delay until after next election. He will blame everyone else for no drilling while he is the reason for no drilling.

  4. I spent some time last week in Texas and those people are not waiting for the green light from The Bamster.

    Without even going into the back country, I saw at least two new oil wells being drilled, visible from the interstate.

    We have a gold mine—or a coal mine right here in our wonderful State O’ Illinois, but our leftwing wacko representatives don’t want us to use it to create badly needed jobs and badly needed energy because Ewwwww! it’s that nasty, evil coal.

    When will we ever learn? Toss ’em out!

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