National Defense . . .

. . . the other white meat.

Jeanette Borges has written an open letter to both GOP Rep. Darrell Issa, who is the House Ethics Committee Chairman, and the press about “the newly elected Tea Party candidates that just gave away billions in defense pork.” She exhorts all who read her letter to “mobilize write, call and make some noise. These people have made fools of us. It is heartbreaking.”

Yeah, I’m cryin’.

One of “these people” is Bobby Schilling.

Go to the link to read her hilarious emotionally charged, over-the-top, frothing diatribe and you will discover she is no TEA Party supporter, but a leftwing anti-war agitator.

Some juicy quotes:

“This has got to be illegal.”

“This is in your face blatant corruption.”

Bobby Schilling will never reach the heights of defense corruption that Democrats like Jack Murtha attained—but whatever.

The fact that she sent a copy of this letter to Jon Stewart and the New York Times gives the game away.

It’s worth noting that Schilling has publicly stated that not all pork is bad and one of the few constitutional responsibilities of the federal government is national defense.

So Bobby sponsored a bill with Iowegian leftwinger Rep. Loebsack to promote the Rock Island Arsenal—so what?

Schilling hasn’t asked to be given a fork and a spoon, but looking out for his district is in no way “blatant corruption” or “illegal”—unless, according to Borges, a Republican does it.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “National Defense . . .”

  1. She seems mostly clueless … but if she is anti-war, why isn’t she blasting Obama for breaking so many promises. He’s gotten us in MORE conflicts, not less. And he keeps pissing off our allies, and praising our enemies.(US enemies I mean, they seem to be friends of Barry)

    Obama got about a half billion from unions last year, and has been their man in the White House. As he stated, before he negotiates, he will meet with Andy Stern and SEIU. Great … just what America wanted, a rep president with Trumka as a frequent guest advisor.

    But it is the job of congress to appropriate money … who else would decide to spend some (for national defense) at the local armory?

  2. Half billion for Barry’s last election I meant, not last year. But his goal is for a billion for 2012, and since he has rewarded unions so well, they have plenty to pay back.

  3. I almost feel sorry for the person that originated this post. You can’t pick and choose your facts and if you cared enough to read the whole blog it addresses corruption in media and government. While you are busy distracting people to look to the left and the right, right under your nose your government is no longer yours. What are you doing about THAT? Blaming the other party no doubt. So much easier isn’t it then to fight to take back your government from the highest bidders. You have to grow a brain, some guts and love of country to do that. We the people get the government we deserve. Too bad the rest of us have to get the same government. Corruption is blatant and knows no political parties in Washington. It IS heartbreaking that Teocons fit right in. One more thing, you stated that I sent the letter to Jon Stewart and that makes me a liberal. You neglected to state that I sent this formal ethics complaint to 200 journalists in an effort to expose corruption. The media ignored it. I also sent to the whole of Congress. With citizens like you they too can ignore it. That you would simply ignore it is proof positive that the American people are divided and conquered. Can you not a make a point without deliberately misleading the people that look up to you and think you making an honest assessment of any given issue? Are you that ignorant that you do not know what bribery is? Look it up. Congress may have legalized it, but its still bribery, and furthermore its a cancer that only we the people can stop.

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