Isn’t This Counter-Productive?

From The Canton Daily Ledger account of Bobby Schilling’s town hall in Canton on Friday:

“Schilling also decried what he called ‘fear tactics’ about the Medicare system, noting special interest groups had tied up his phone system for three days, preventing people who needed help from getting through.”

From this report it is unclear if the phone barrage came before or after the vote on the Ryan budget, but either way, I don’t see how it helps their cause.

If it was before the vote, that might have some weight, but the fact that Schilling’s phone lines were tied up for three straight days makes me think this tactic probably only aggravated him, rather than pulled him to their side.

If the barrage came after the vote, what the heck was the point? He couldn’t exactly take back his vote, even if he wanted to.

Usually these leftwing groups are very proficient at disruptive tactics, but I don’t get what they hoped to accomplish with this bit of overkill.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

8 thoughts on “Isn’t This Counter-Productive?”

  1. Soft terrorism from the left … might give Bobby pause, the next time he decides to vote his conscience, which is what the majority elected him to do.

  2. If the barrage was AFTER the vote, what was the purpose? Harassment? Intimidation? Garden variety Democrat dumbassery? What did they hope to accomplish?

  3. welcome back qce … the party was getting dull without you providing the entertainment 🙂

  4. Thanks jb, after a week of hiking and guzzling (not simultaneously!) I’m fired up and ready to go—too bad the news is so Zzzzzz. 🙂

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