The Pharaoh Builds His Pyramid On The Backs Of The Most Vulnerable Among Us

From The Hare-Dispatch account of the East Moline city council meeting:

“Aldermen tabled action on a $900,000 grant for Jacobs Park until they had more information. State Sen. Mike Jacobs, D-East Moline, helped secure the Illinois Jobs bill funds which would be used for phase one of the plan, transforming Jacobs Park into a regional tournament destination . . . The state would advance 25 percent of the grant to the city, with the city then making payments to vendors and contractors and applying for reimbursement.”

The mayor rightfully said he was “leery” of the state.

The city attorney wanted to kick the can to the state anyway:

“[City attorney Bill Phares] said people are researching if there’s a way to have the state directly pay vendors and contractors to minimize the city’s risk.”

Well THAT sounds like a plan since the State O’ Ilinois is so prompt in paying its bills. What rational person would contract with our well-known deadbeat state?

But what’s with nearly a MILLION dollars being spent on yet another park when we already have a “destination” ball park in the QCs?

Let’s get real—this is about building a monument to the Jacobs family while taking a MILLION dollars away from the state’s “most vulnerable among us.”

It’s time to end the local culture of Democrat corruption and get rid of all these generational politicians with their inbred, bloated sense of entitlement.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “The Pharaoh Builds His Pyramid On The Backs Of The Most Vulnerable Among Us”

  1. I don’t think you understand the process QcExaminber.wordpress. The Capitol Fund is a different “pot” of money than the GRF. No money raised for the Capitol Bill can be directed to daily expenditures the money has to be spent on road construction, parks and educational facilities.

  2. Actually, I DO understand Pat, but as usual you Dims choose to be willfully ignorant.

    The H-D says this MILLION will come from the Illinois Jobs bill, which I believe is something else entirely.

    But even if this MILLION is from the Capitol Bill, it is still wrong.

    We cannot take care of the most vulnerable among us, the most politically powerful among us have a $80B unfunded pension, we have a ??? BILLION deficit, we have $8.3 in current unpaid bills, etc.

    The idea that it is OK for the state to be spending one dime on another freakin’ soccer/baseball field is absurd. Our infrastructure is crumbling, and the money should be spent on improving, roads, bridges, etc. not building a monument to the damned Jacobs Family.

    Mike and his Dem pals in Springfield have been on decade-long reckless spending spree and we are bankrupt because of it. I’m sure you will agree that the number of taxpayer dollars is finite, which means we can no longer go the unsustainable SPEND!SPEND!SPEND! Jacobs/Verschoore/Blago/Quinn route and must apply triage to this money and use it to the benefit of the most people. Jacobs Family Soccer Field does NOT meet that test.

    It is a poor use of taxpayer money and you know it—it’s not like the State O’ Illinois is flush with cash—even after jacking up taxes 67%.

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