You Know The Drill

Illinois Statehouse News:

“Democrats control both the governor’s office and the Legislature, and can pass a budget with only Democratic votes before midnight on May 31. After that, a three-fifths majority vote in each chamber is needed, requiring Republican votes.”

Will Illinois Democrats step up to the plate and get a budget done before Republican votes are required?

I have no idea, but the fact that Democrats are falling back on GOP bashing isn’t a good sign. Democrats are playing games when they demand the minority GOP do the work the majority should be doing, and at least one GOPer is calling them out on it:

“The minute we suggest making cuts to one of those programs, if we’re specific in that, what you’ll find is that the opposition will quickly run to the press and talk about how we’re trying to take food away from babies, or we’re trying to take health care away from seniors.”

Well yes, demagoguery is one of the Democrat’s Sacred Pillars and they use it with alacrity. So when the Democrat Demagogues demand leadership from the powerless GOP, they are signaling they are seriously unserious about the budget.

But on the bright side, the powerful public employee unions are demanding their bought Democrats fund their deluxe salaries and perks on the backs of “the most vulnerable”.

What a hoot—the Democrats’ Big Labor paymasters have painted them in a corner!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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