Try To Act Surprised

The Hare-Dispatch:

“Rock Island County is yanking ‘millions’ of dollars out of Wells Fargo Bank in Rock Island because of ‘exorbitant’ new fees the bank added last year.”

Gee, I wonder if those ‘exorbitant new fees” had anything to do with “Finance Reform” that was rammed through last year on straight Democrat party lines, and the regulations are STILL being written by faceless, unaccountable bureaucrats?

Well, no matter,the RICO Treasurer is moving on to greener—and cheaper pastures to a bank “which has agreed in writing to waive all such fees for the county”.

I’m all for governments getting the best deal possible, and this new bank is a regional bank, not national, but I question the timing.

From the H-D story:

“The county’s announcement comes two weeks after the Quad City Federation of Labor announced it would be pulling its money from the bank, which union members believe had a role in the loss of jobs at two local firms in 2009.”

OK. Sure. Whatever.

Back when Phil Hare had some real power, he swore he would be Wells Fargo’s worst nightmare for causing Seaford and QC Die Casting to go down.

OK. Sure. Whatever.

The inconvenient truth is that Wells Fargo holds a massive amount of Big Labor debt and Big Labor is playing its usual intimidation tactics.

Big Labor and the Democrat Party are joined at the hip. The fact that RICO government has been controlled by Democrats for 40 years and is staffed with union people, makes this decision by the Treasurer a no-brainer.

This will teach banks to finance Big Labor—serves them right!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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