The Kozy ‘Krat Korthouse Klub Is For The Chilllldren

The QCTimes:

“[Rock Island County Board Chair Jim] Bohnsack said the rumors [about Terronez] weren’t confirmed to him until Oct. 22, when Terronez went to his office and told him he had made a mistake and was under investigation by the Illinois State Police . . . When asked if he thought Terronez should have resigned earlier, Bohnsack said he would have, but he acknowledged that’s easy for him to say now. He noted that Terronez has a family to provide for.”

And there you have the KKKK in a nutshell. Bohnsack knew in October that Terronez had commited a crime, but rather than urge/force him to resign, he figured Terronez could dodge the bullet with the union Democrat Illinois Police and the Democrat Attorney General.

What the heck, everybody knew Blago was under investigation too, but he still got elected to a second term.

So in KKKK world, the taxpayers are obligated to fund a criminal because “he has a family to provide for.”

Mike Jacobs and other Powerful Politburo Poobahs try to frame Terronez as a rogue with a personal failing—not a political failing. But 40 years of Democrat control of county government with county offices packed with family, friends, donors and patronage jobs, the idea sets in that the Dems are above the law and entitled to do whatever they please—with no consequences.

This will not change until there is more political balance and the entrenched Democrat union workforce is ousted.

But at least Bohnsack was thinking of the chilllldren.

Or maybe just business as usual in The Land Of KKKK.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

9 thoughts on “The Kozy ‘Krat Korthouse Klub Is For The Chilllldren”

  1. An article in the QCTimes about their fight to get the redacted records from the Illinois State Police on the Terronez investigation contained this juicy quote from the attorney for the QCTimes:

    “The [Illinois] Attorney General’s Office agrees that [QCTimes] pushed this up the hill, and without a lawsuit, the timing (of Terronez’s guilty plea) would be very different.”

    Well yeah. Terronez figured he would be protected by the Democrat controlled local and state government–including the Illinois State Police, and that with all the foot-dragging he figured he would be able to serve out his term, or maybe—in the time-honored RICO Dem way—resign a little early and name his successor. He also figured the docile local press would remain docile.

    Look at the Leibovitz investigation—we STILL don’t know what’s up with that.

    The QCTimes ruined his Plan A when they jumped ahead to a lawsuit instead of jumping through all the hoops the Democrat government threw up.

    Terronez, Lisa, IL State Police, etc. knew the game was up and it was time to figure out Plan B, which we saw played out Tuesday.

  2. “Visibility must be avoided. But a force that gathers in the shadows can’t avoid it forever. Our appearance as a force must be reserved for the opportune moment. The longer we avoid visibility, the stronger we’ll be when it catches up with us. And once we become visible our days will be numbered. Either we will be in a position to break it’s hold in short order, or we’ll be crushed in time.”

    Fits here, just can’t source who said it.

  3. Again Leibovitz case was put to a grand jury like Terronez. Leibovitz nothing, for Terronez the only thing they recommended was contributing to a minor. This is a serious charge but not exactly the cloak and dagger cover up your type suggests.
    The thing I find interesting is your assertion of corruption and coverup by the State Police. I find this troubling.

  4. Well yeah Terry, since there has NEVER been a whiff of scandal, corruption or cronyism in any division of Illinois government—EVER!

    What was I thinking? 🙂

  5. Are you talking about Republican Governor George Ryan selling drivers license, or are you talking about the relationship between Republican Jim Edgar and Management Systems of Illinois (MSI) – Edgar’s largest campaign contributor was granted an illegal contract that cost the people of Illinois an estimated $20 million in overcharges?

  6. Exactly right, Faux JohnG—corruption, cronyism and scandal are some of the few bipartisan activities in our wonderful State O’ Illinois.

    That’s why it was such a hoot when “Terry” went into a swoon and called for his smelling salts because I suggested such a thing existed in Illinois.

    LOL on steroids!

  7. No, just you talking about our boys in uniform being corrupt is an ill belief. I agree Republicans past and present are corrupt. You don’t have to go farther than Rep Schilling wanting to give Medicare to insurance companies that fill Schillings pockets with campaign cash.

  8. Cut the hypocrisy “terry”. Your Democrat Sen. the Dick Durbin compared “our boys in uniform” to Nazis in the well of the senate.

    And if you want to know who rewarded the insurance companies, look no further than your Democrat Obama/Pelosi/Durbin/Hare who all voted for Obamacare which gave the insurance industry another 32 MILLION new customers.

    Yeah, Democrats are really hurting insurance companies by giving them 32 MILLION new customers—financed by taxpayers.

    Oh yeah, and don’t forget that your Democrat Obama/Pelosi/Durbin/Hare CUT half a trillion dollars from Medicare.

    You’re done here Terry, go peddle your bullsh*t at some leftwing brain dead blog—it ain’t gonna fly here.

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