Why Does Bobby Schilling Hate Geezers?

Another day, another hokey letter to the editor of The Hare-Dispatch, this time by an astroturf group called Quad City Next Up:

“Republicans, including local U.S. Rep. Bobby Schilling, just voted in favor of a budget that would abolish Medicare as we know it, while giving out even more tax cuts for the rich.”

What a hoot! Fear & Smear—the Democrat Way.

Does anyone—except brain dead Democrats, REALLY believe the GOP wants to “abolish Medicare as we know it”? Do they really believe people are so stupid to think the GOP would commit political suicide? I guess if you’re a Dimocrat, you do.

This entire letter is nothing more than a collection of lame talking points gleaned from leftwing blogs and as it turns out, the geezers ain’t buying what the Democrats are selling.

According to the latest Gallup poll, except for the 18-29 crowd, the rest of the country overwhelmingly supports the Ryan plan over the Obama/Democrat plan. Which only makes sense, since Obama doesn’t have a plan, he has a speech. The congressional Democrats don’t even have a speech.

This “letter” looks like an amateur college project aimed at getting their leftwing professor to think it’s totally awesome, dude.

Personally, I like the Democrat letters to the editors by the people they drag out of rehab and the taverns—at least they are original and creative, which is something you can’t say about this QC Next Up trite hokum.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

5 thoughts on “Why Does Bobby Schilling Hate Geezers?”

  1. “Tax cuts” for the rich is always amusing … meaning, letting achievers pay 39% instead of 50%, while half the population pays 0%. (of course if you have lobbyists in the Obama admin’ like GE does, you pay zero)

    What they really want is for the hard workers to pay everything … those that can’t compete prefer union jobs where they get paid double, or don’t work at all and get taken care of, just because they deserve it damn it …

    and the real truth is “they” just want all money to flow through incompetent government thug bureaucrat coffers … organized crime has run amok, and even though outnumbered 100:1, they’d love it if we all just kissed their ring.

    There’s a storm a brewin’ … fat molester forger lyin priick powers that be … against those that have made the country work for a century … I’m bettin’ on the good over eeviilll thingy, though good peeps are slow to wrath.

    But I have brambles and grapes coming to worry about for now … while the fat plucks conspire to “get away with IT” and destroy what good people work for.

    God help us, and when time comes … they get the same mercy they have shown their victims.

    that’s the word from the jungle grapevine … šŸ˜‰

  2. Sources tell me that the DCCC robo-called Schilling’s DO Mon, Tue and Wed all day long.

    Way to try and scare the Seniors for the 2012 election.

  3. Just wait till I run for state’s attorney! You will all have your asses sued and be thrown in jail for being such “doosh bags!”

    I can’t wait until I’m holding the keys to the legal fate of you defectors! RICO just got a new chief in town: me!

  4. When is Medicare projected to run out of money? Doesn’t it HAVE to change as we know it? We don’t let kids vote and putting people in charge that can’t balance a checkbook, pay taxes or keep a job is a recipe for disaster. They paint everyone one us as evil and out to kill people when in all reality it is the good people of this country that contribute much more than their taxes to local charities.

  5. Split, the Examiner household was one of the victims of this robocall scam. Unfortunately, Mr. Examiner took the call. When he told me about it later, I tried to glean enough information out of him for a juicy blog post, but all he could remember was that it was the usual scare stuff ending with the exhortation to “Call Bobby Schilling” and demand he stop hurting and hatin’ on geezers—or something.

    Mr. Examiner is a great guy, but he is not very useful as a blog source. šŸ™‚


    Well yeah T, the Dem plan is to kick the can down the road ever further. This is why the GOP deserves credit for at least trying to do something about the unsustainable.

    Boomer Geezers are moving into Medicare in record numbers, Obamacare stripped half a trillion out of it in order to insure 32 million new people—something has to be done or Medicare as we know it REALLY will cease to exist.

    Which is why it is technically true that the Ryan plan will change Medicare as we know it—but that’s a good thing.

    Geezers get what is happening here—you don’t get to be old by being stupid. šŸ™‚

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