Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me A Map

Randall Jacobs, who claims to represent “no party”, but has been exposed as a RICO Democrat operative, presented his version of the redistricting map for the 17th CD today in The Hare-Dispatch.

It seems he took Chris Cillizza’s advice and added Peoria into the district.

I’m no numbers cruncher, but wouldn’t having Peoria in the same district as the QCs diminish the power of the local Powerful Politburo Poobahs? I know they are itching for a fight between Schilling and Schock, but do they imagine there is no Democrat from Peoria who could obliterate any Democrat opposition from the QCs? Or is the objective to get a Democrat—ANY Democrat back in congress?

As I’ve said previously, if Democrats want to play these hyper-partisan games, the GOP needs to beat a path to the nearest courthouse—PRONTO!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

12 thoughts on “Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me A Map”

  1. I heard that Bobby Schilling has raised over $1,200,000,000 for a legal battle to fight any unfair maps. Good luck DEMS!

  2. I think that Peoria and the QC would be very fair.
    What a coup for democrats.
    Kill two R’s with one D.

  3. Well maybe Homey, but I would think this would be more of a GOP court fight—not just Schilling.


    Hey faux Terry—who’s gonna take out Schilling/Schock?

    Denny’s boy?

    Phil “I lost my home county by 9 points” Hare?

    Mark “Mr. Charisma” Schwiebert?

    Mike “I was against the 67% tax increase before I voted for it” Boland?

    As they say, you can’t beat something with nothing and for now Schock/Schilling are something—you got nothing.

  4. I think that Democrats are stupid if they really think that 1. Bobby will actually primary Aaron Schock and/or 2. That any of the RICO Dems will be able to beat Aaron Schock. The guy has over $1.2 cash on hand and will have around $3 million by election time, IF he needs it.

    The dems should not want to face Aaron Schock. He can raise money and he has a moderate streak in him that indy’s and dems like.

  5. This would be Pickett’s charge for the Dems. Only they don’t know that it will be an electoral slaughter.

  6. What faux Terry is acknowledging is that the Dems know they would lose a fair fight and the only way they CAN win is by cheating with an ultra-gerrymandered district and/or other chicanery.

  7. Regardless QCE, Jacobs will get the full DNC backing with Obamas backing as well due to their long standing friendship.
    Obama will be a winner just like the unpopular Bush who won his second term.
    Afterall we can not change Presidents while our boys are in harms way.

  8. What a hoot!

    Obama is no war time POTUS—he is working as hard as he can to distance himself from his created disaster in Afghanistan and his war against Kaddify as fast as he can.

    Obama’s poll numbers are seriously underwater with independents.

    Marvelous Mike getting an endorsement from Obama would be like getting an endorsement from Jeff Terronez or the “Dick” Leibovitz or Marvelous Mike endorsed Blago!

    Yeah, Marvelous Mike was FOR Blago before he was against him.





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