I Am Not An Animal! I Am A Human Being!

Rock Island County State’s Attorney Jeff Terronez on being forced to resign by Attorney General Lisa Madigan and to plead guilty to a charge of providing alcohol to a minor:

“I’m a human being.”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

9 thoughts on “I Am Not An Animal! I Am A Human Being!”

  1. Rock Island County Republican Boss Susie Carpentier said Mr. Terronez is “…pretty disgraceful.”

  2. It’s also “pretty disgraceful” that Carpentier and her feckless GOP never bothered to run anyone against Terronez in either ’04 or ’08—even after he screwed up the Kolb trial.

    According to the account in the QCTimes Terronez was another one of Lane Evans’ picks—just like The Philster. There were 4 other Dems running against Terronez in ’04, but Evans won the day for Jeffy T.

    Hey, I know—let’s let a guy with dementia pick the next RICO State’s Attorney—what could possibly go wrong? 🙂

  3. I met JT at the food court; well, tried to meet him.

    “Hello, Sir! I’m a volunteer for…” and he just walked away. I said to myself, ‘Self; that man has something to hide!’

    Not really! I just flipped him off when his back was turned.

  4. I’m going to have this guy prosecute everybody who damaged Trumper.

    L-Bay is the best there was, the best there is, the best there ever will be.

  5. Here’s another juicy quote pulled from the link—this time by RICO Dem chair Steve Ballard:

    “No way this has a reflection on the Democratic Party . . . We do not condone any illegal activity by any elected official.”

    Except Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Blago, etc.—what a hoot! Democrats LOVE their bad boys!


    The QCTimes got the reax from local politicos and The Philster, who ran Terronez’ first campaign called him “a good friend”. The operative word for most of the Dems was “sad” and “saddened”. However, Marvelous Mike Jacobs tore a page out of Obama’s playbook by saying “this isn’t the Jeff Terronez I know”.

    LOL on steroids!


    The hearing is at 11:00—let’s hope we get some more juicy bits!

  6. The update is that Terronez got a $2500 fine, two year probation and forfeits his pension.

    From the updated link in my post:

    “The charge to which Mr. Terronez pleaded guilty said that on August 10, 2010, he purchased alcohol at the HyVee store in East Moline, took it to Mitchell Park in East Moline and gave it to “J.W.” who he knew to be a minor.

    You know this is a big deal since Lisa Madigan came down to give a press conference for Democrat damage control. In part, she said the “investigation revealed there was an extensive relationship and numerous contacts . . . but there was no evidence of a sexual relationship.”

    OK. Sure. Whatever.

    When this thing first came out after Kilbride edited Terronez out of his retention ads, it just seemed creepy.

    Back in the day when I was considered a “minor”, we got illegal booze alright, but in a million years we would have never thought to ask a 40 year old married attorney to get it for us. Ewwwww!

    So the question now is who ratted him out? JW’s parents? One of her friends? One of Terronez’ political enemies? One of his many enemies made as SA?

    I don’t think Lisa is gonna tell us.

    UPDATE: Madigan says JW was the victim in a case prosecuted by Terronez in 2010 and that JW kept in close contact with Terronez after the case was over. This has fueled speculation that JW is Van Houtte’s victim. Madigan called this continuing relationship “unprofessional” which is a gross understatement.

  7. The buzzards are circling Terronez’ carcass—already 4 lawyers have come forward asking for his job—Norma Kauzlarich, John McCooley, John McGehee and Bill Stengel.

    RICO Board chair Jim Bohnsack will (again) be The Decider—whose pay for play will win the day?

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