You Don’t Have To Be A Ruthless Job-Killer To Be A Democrat . . .

. . . but it helps!

Having solved all the major problems facing our State O’ Illinois—the gaping budget deficit, the massive unpaid bills, replenishing the looted pension funds, bringing unemployment down to record lows along with tax rates, the Democrats who control state goverment have turned their attention to Tier 4 problems like banning “trans fats in food served in restaurants, movie theaters, cafes and bakeries and foods sold in school vending machines . . .”

Of course, no “good deed” goes unpunished, which means Illinois will lose even more jobs—but it’s for the common good!

The Hare-Dispatch article featured Moline’s Olde Towne Bakery, whose owner says he’ll move to Iowa if the ban is approved by the senate and signed by Three County Quinn.

The owner of Moline’s Donut Delite gets to the nut calling this an “anti-business law. The government, once again, is telling individuals what they can and can’t do.”

The H-D got reax from local lawmakers, although they excluded Rich Morthland, who I believe is the state rep. for Moline.

Instead the H-D went to the usual Democrat suspects—Pat Verschoore and Marvelous Mike Jacobs.

Verschoore said he voted “no” when it was voted on in the House, but Jacobs was in full campaign faux TEA Party mode:

“. . . government has gotten too big, and we ought to get our nose out of people’s business so much. We want to mandate everything to everybody . . . “

Jacobs wants government to return to what he calls “core issues” like repairing the state of government (whatever THAT means) and putting “confidence in government back into the people”.

Mike, here’s a modest proposal if you really want to restore confidence in government with the people: don’t ram through a 67% income tax increase and divisive culture war issues like civil unions along straight party lines in the last hours of a lame duck session. Oh, and when people disagree with you, don’t call them “unpatriotic” as you did when the civil union law passed.

My modest proposal to places like Olde Towne Bakery and Donut Delite is that if you want the State O’ Illinois to get off your back, unionize your workforce—Verschoore, Jacobs and every other Democrat in the state will fight like demons to see you stay in business.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “You Don’t Have To Be A Ruthless Job-Killer To Be A Democrat . . .”

  1. Leadership requires tough decisions and Senator Mike Jacobs has never been afraid to make them. If Sen. Jacobs took the path of least resistance and failed to raise income taxes how would have you cut $7.2 billion out of the state budget? And don’t forget to take out the $3.1 billion Democrats have slated for cuts this year alone. In effect your cut would have to total 10.3 billion?

  2. What the hell are you talking about? WHAT $3.1B cuts?

    And don’t forget Marvelous Mike voted to loot the pension funds because he was so stupid Blago convinced him it was a GOOD THING!

    And don’t forget the 14% raise Three County Quinn gave the public employees before the election—a juicy $1B haul for Big Labor! Plus, NO LAYOFFS!

    I’m waiting for Marvelous Mike to denounce this bit of pay for play—oh wait—ain’t gonna happen since MM is part of the team.

    But still—when will we see the “tough decisions” on what Marvelous Mike wants to cut from the budget? Or is he like the statist Obama who thinks we can tax and spend our way to prosperity?

    Looks like he’s NOT a leader but a follower—after all, he actually has an opponent this year so wouldn’t want to offend anyone—especially BIG POCKET BIG LABOR.

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