Hare Didn’t Care

From a Bobby Schilling press release:

“On Tuesday, April 26 Congressman Bobby Schilling will be joining 80 local veterans and their guardians as they participate in the Central Illinois Honor Flight, honoring America’s heroes for their service to the country.”

These honor flights started in ’05 when Lane Evans was too feeble to go although he did manage to make it to Korea in ’06. But Hare never bothered or thought it was important, even though Evans chose him specifically because he believed Hare would continue his fight for veterans.

What a rube—as it turned out, Hare only cared about Big Labor.

But thank the gods Hare is gone and now we have a congressman who walks the walk.

Bravo Bobby!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

9 thoughts on “Hare Didn’t Care”

  1. How nobel of Rep Schilling, Lane Evans was nothing like Schilling when it comes to Veterans. Schilling is a true hero when it comes war veterans. Schilling is leading the honor flight.

  2. This is interesting and great to hear. I understand that from a very reliable source that when Congressman took office, a lot of records from constitutants from Hare’s office never made it to Schilling’s office. This would include a lot ov claims and cases friled by veterans.

    Thanks for nothin’Phil

  3. Hey fake Terry, I never said nuthin bout Evans being bad on veterans…nice try, lol.

    I love mike Jacobs

  4. May I have your attention, please?

    Will the real Terry Schilling please stand up?

    I said, will the real Terry Schilling please stand up?

  5. Hey fake-fake Terry, you did too say sumthin bout that Evans being bad on veterans…nice try, lol.

    I love terry Schilling

  6. Just wait till I sue all you mother fuckers! You’re all fucking gonna pay! I’m the heir-apparent for the new Jeff Terronez seat. I will crush you all with my super divorcee recruitment power!

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