Which Of These Is Not Like The Others?

A photograph in The Hare-Dispatch contained this caption about:

“The Sherrard School District honored the legacy of former teacher and public servant Joel Brunsvold on Thursday evening with a dedication ceremony at the baseball and softball complex” and featured these people:

1. Sherrard High School principal

2. Sherrard superintendent

3. The guy John Gianulis appointed as Brunsvold’s replacement when he got a job in the Blago administration


5. Brunsvold’s widow

6. Sherrard “long-time school board member.”

Unless THE LOBBYIST is running for something (again), I am flummoxed as to why he should be in this photo—unless the Jacobs “Look At Me’ gene is in play here.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “Which Of These Is Not Like The Others?”

  1. How sad! The only “close friend” Brunsvold had locally after all these years is a lobbyist!

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