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None of your damned business.

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  1. just regular guys … and God is there.

    These regular guys could stop the outrageous spending that is enslaving the children.

    Bold of Bobby to give Boehner an A- … too bad Bobby voted against opening up all the big government jobs to non-union business.

    Read the bill
    Read the bill


    I still think they made a willful decision to not include that, and weaseled out with “they tricked us, we were confused”

    My only hope now is with the “Gang of Six” … they seem to understand this is a level ten catastrophe, proceeding methodically.

    That’s on the nuclear scale … Chernobyl was a seven. Most people are still drinking the contaminated milk from the socialist cow.

  2. The Tea Baggers are all a bunch of babies. Rep Schilling was smart to distance himself from these Republican fanatics.

  3. It’s amusing to me that the same qualities that made Bobby so accessible and popular on the campaign trail — his folksiness and his down-to-earth attitude — are now readily being mocked.

    He is who he is. That’s not going to change anytime soon.

  4. bill, did you ever hear from Schock about his vote for the union-only bills?


    Somewhat, I somewhat agree.

    When I first read the Schilling quote, I thought it was charming—he’s obviously no blow-dried, plastic, smoothing-talking hack—and that’s a good thing in my view.

    But that’s my opinion as a Bobby fan.

    When I look at this in the broader context of the national press and their aim to get Democrats elected—I dunno, maybe it’s not so great.

    I’m no media poobah, but maybe Schilling should cut back a little with the hostile national press and stick to local 17th CD outlets (not that plenty of them are hostile, too)—or maybe not—I just don’t know.

    This thing left me feeling ambivalent.

  5. I never heard back from my Rep Schock. But I hear he’s a rock star when it comes to gathering campaign money.

    Republicans only needed one more vote … it seems a little too convenient.

    Republicans now (largely) control the purse, but they want to keep the two year olds from screaming in the check out line, so they give them all the candy they want, and hope no one notices how obese their bratty kids are.


  6. This Schilling site needs to be stopped. Bob makes the money in the family and to act like his wife’s family is paying Bob’s way is just plain wrong. Bob makes the best pizza in town and that is how he makes his money.

    Ed. Note: “Ron” has also appeared in this thread as “Jim” and “Tod”. He (they?) has too much time on his hands, is seriously conflicted or has a multiple personality disorder 🙂

  7. LoL at my dad’s twitter.

    It’s not my mom’s family that loans the money. It’s my dad’s first cousin, twice removed, aunts, uncles, brother that loans the money and shovels it to us for free.

    Doesn’t everyone have that uncle to give them trillions of dollars for free?

    I thought we were just like everyone else that had trillions of dollars.

  8. It is time for Rep Schilling to show his W2 and his birth certificate. We all know that those Cadillac Escalades that the Schillings tool around in are not cheap.
    Something is wrong here.

  9. bill, here’s an interesting development with the NLRB and Boeing. The NLRB is going after Boeing over a factory they built in SC (right-to-work state) because the constant strikes and threats to strike at their Seattle plants were causing too much disruption.

    The plant was announced in ’09 and is now almost completed with 1000 people hired when NLRB threw this at them at the behest of some machinist union.

    Looks like Bammy wants to drive ALL manufacturing overseas by letting this unelected board on steriods dictate manufacturing practices to American companies.

    As we discussed in this post the House GOPers had a chance to defund this board run amok but didn’t. I was told by a Schilling staffer last month that NLRB was really “pro-business”.


  10. WOW … it seems Obama fully believes “I WON” means he can use the power of government to attack capitalism and reward his union friends. He just forgot to tell people that elected him, that if he won, he’d use our government against us.

    The Cloward Piven strategy was to destroy the system by overburdening it with “entitlement largesse”. But Obama has opened another front, using government directly against business. He single handedly shuts down oil production in the gulf, while encouraging it in Brazil(with rigs from the closed gulf).

    Nobody wants the communism Obama is really “selling”, so he instead is working to destroy what we have, so he can slip his plan in the back door. His real plan for everything can be seen in his statement “electricity rates would NECESSARILY skyrocket”.

    gee, thanks Barry … who never even ran a lemonade stand 😯

  11. “No one who makes under $250,000 a year will see their taxes raised one nickel”. Even if that lie were true, he was already planning to skyrocket costs and taxes on other things we all need. And he clearly stated those skyrocketing costs would be passed on to consumers.

    HE LIES …

    and he was lying … about coverage for abortion, about health care for illegals, about cutting the Bush (half trillion) deficit in half, … he lies about everything.

  12. Hmmm, could be the “awesome” thing is generational.

    This news report about Gabrielle Giffords’ reaction to the news that Obama and his family would be at the launch of the Endeavor next week has her quoted as saying “awesome”.

    Personally, I wouldn’t describe either Obama or Boehner as “awesome”, but that’s just me. “Awesome” seems like a kid thing to say, but maybe it’s just the way those of a certain age express themselves.

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