The Iowegians Mock And Deride Our Crude And Primitive Customs

The QCTimes:

On the “tried, but blatantly untrue method” of Illinois redistricting:

“Politically connected appointees meet secretly to draw up a map that fits incumbent legislative majority priorities. If, as customarily happens, the feuding legislators cannot agree, the redistricting plan is drawn from a hat . . . Seriously.”

On the fierce urgency of—whenever:

“The Illinois process has a woefully lazy Oct. 1 deadline, allowing months of secret deal-making.”

On who’s to blame:

“Lay it on the same Democrat legislative majority that ran up deficits, padded pensions, ignored overdue bills, then hiked taxes.”

On Democrat claims that redistricting will be “different” this time:

“Same secret process. Same lack of meaningful public input. Same folks in charge . . . Sure, it’ll be different this time.”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

12 thoughts on “The Iowegians Mock And Deride Our Crude And Primitive Customs”

  1. If Verschoore wants to “invite” me to “testify”, he knows how to get in touch with me—I’ll be waiting.

    What he should do is invite the QCTimes editorial writer.

    Until Pat produces a working redistricting map, all this is just so much political theatre so Democrats can claim they got voter imput even as they work their dirty backroom deals.

  2. Oh I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to point out that I like Mike Jacobs. He is a nice man.

    I’m really not Mike Jacobs. Seriously. I’m not him. My name is Julie. Look it even says my name on the name line. I’m NOT mike jacobs.

  3. So you want to throw the one out with the least amount of time in office? What about the ones that created the problems and are still in office. Your post is just the drivel I come to expect from liberals, all feelings based on nothing and no substance.

  4. That Mike Jacobs is an idiot! I’m a democrat. My dad built the party with John G. Jacobs is an idiot. He doesn’t even have a yacht like I do. However, He does know all about divorce, like I do.

  5. I can’t eblive you let this crap on your blog. Can’t wait for Winstein to sue you fat ass.

  6. Disclaimer on my twitter clearly states who I am. Gander seems like he’s been drinking at lunch.

    If Rahm can’t sue over @mayoremanuel, then some midget can’t sue over a clearly satirical twitter.

    Try again dipshit. You’ve ruined enough marriages and families. Surprised you haven’t been sued yourself.

    Let the mocking continue.

  7. Here’s the Hare-Dispatch account of yesterday’s meeting.

    Since there was no map to show, the specifics were few. Most of the comments seemed to center around the fact that the way the 17th CD was configured is an abomination and should not be repeated. Too bad Evans and Hare couldn’t have been there to rebut these charges. 🙂

    A couple of special interest groups showed up to testify, and I thought this comment by the president of the Greater Quad Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was interesting:

    “Due to population decline, (Illinois) lost a congressional seat . . . It is documented we would’ve lost a second seat had it not been for the growth of the Hispanic population.”

    Well, yeah, Illinois should be grateful for the anti-Roe Effect Hispanics—if it was up to black and white liberals of this state, all those potential voters would have been aborted and not replaced!

  8. The Republican’s were in charge when this last map were the 17th was approved. Governor Ryan was all about this map.

    Ed. Note: I just KNEW all this was Bush’s fault! 🙂

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