We Should Be So Lucky

At a recent political event, Three County Quinn was in full prancing, preening, Ain’t I Wunnerful mode:

“If I wasn’t here we’d have Scott Walker on steroids as our governor.”

Oh please.

Bill Brady was no Scott Walker, even without steroids.

And that is our loss, because the real Scott Walker made the adult, hard choices, even in the face of the howling national Democrat/Big Labor mobs, in order to protect his taxpayers and his state from becoming a failed state like Illinois.

As it turns out, even after being demonized by unions, Democrats and their allies in the press, Walker’s plan holds down property taxes and delivers the lowest structural deficit in 15 years.

Has Quinn ever done anything remotely that effective?

Um, no.

Quinn gave us a 67% tax increase that STILL won’t fill the hole the Democrats dug, he gave us dirty backroom deals that guaranteed no layoffs for his Big Labor paymasters and no rational plan to fund the looted state pensions.

Where is the adult leadership in Illinois government?

Obviously not in the governor’s office.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “We Should Be So Lucky”

  1. Quinn has certainly done well at fleecing the taxpayer … as long as he is bragging to his union cronies, I guess I’d agree … great job.

    Chicago Machine control has made Illinois a worse credit risk than Iceland. Municipalities have already gotten stiffed, teachers trying to collect their pensions will come later … as things fall apart, these thugs will be in gated communities or maybe they’ll flee to Costa Rica.

  2. In some ways Quinn is like Obama; neither had any executive experience before they became The Deciders. Both were known for standing on the sidelines throwing bombs at the “establishment”, which they now represent.

    For the first two years of Obama’s term as POTUS, Pelosi was the de facto head of the US government. Michael Madigan is STILL the head of Illinois government.

    But this is what you get when hopenchange and I’m not Bush/Brady wins elections.

  3. Duhhh, last week the Illinois Senate voted to make it’s $5.8 billion pension payment and found time to reform teacher ten year, cut out future pensions and voted to fix the broken worker’s comp problem. What did you do last week that benefited anyone other than yourself?

    Ed. Note: This is the faux bill who conveniently sidesteps the fact that in ’05 Marvelous Mike voted to loot the pensions, and made a symbolic vote for workers’ comp when he KNEW his Democrat homeys would defeat the bill anyway.

    What has Marvelous Mike done last week that benefited anyone other than himself?

    Nada, zilch, nothing.

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