The Rise And Decline Of Bobby Schilling

On January 7, Chris Cillizza of The Washington Post predicted Bobby Schilling was the most likely House member to be defeated after redistricting.

In last month’s New York Times article about The Schilling Family Soap Opera, Schilling was quoted as saying:

“Mr. Schilling knows he is on the hit list of the [DCCC]…’I’m at the top’, he said somewhat proudly.”

But now, less than four months later, Cillizza has downgraded Schilling to #7.

Hey Bobby, what happened?

Cillizza doesn’t really explain, but here is what he said about Schilling’s prospects for reelection:

“It’s hard to pick which Illinois Representative is the most likely target of the Democratic-led redistricting process . . . The most likely candidate to see his district become nearly unwinnable, though, is [Bobby] Schilling . . . The easy solution [for Democrats] appears to be drawing Peoria into [the district] to make it even more Democratic . . .”

You know, the Voting Rights Act isn’t just about race, it is about drawing districts in a hyper-partisan manner. Cillizza obviously doesn’t know this, but in the past, Illinois Democrats and Republicans had worked together to make sure they each had safe districts. Now Democrats control the entire process.

So if the Democrats think they can send a tentacle out to Peoria in order to make the district even more Democratic, I would suggest the GOP get mad, get even and get to court to challenge the Democrats under the Voting Rights Act.


Author: qcexaminer

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