Fool Me Once, Shame On You; Fool Me Twice . . .

. . . it’s Illinois politics as usual.

Last week the Illinois Senate passed what The Hare-Dispatch characterized as a “landmark schools bill”. This bill mostly had to do with teacher tenure, seniority and strikes.

But while politicians are high-fiving themselves and slapping each other on the back, and the press delivers fervored hosannahs, I’m thinking this is deja vu all over again.

In Illinois, it seems every “reform” starts getting “re-reformed” the minute the ink is dry on the legislation. And the fact that the unions caved so easily makes me believe there are built-in exceptions, loopholes and escape hatches. If they aren’t built-in, Big Labor and their Democrat allies will make sure they are carved out after the fact. Then there is always the Illinois way of just ignoring the law without consequences.

This is just a fact—it is how “reform” works in this state.

I’d like to have faith in Big Labor, the Democrat Party and Illinois goverment, but history tells me otherwise.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “Fool Me Once, Shame On You; Fool Me Twice . . .”

  1. Thank you for that Marvelous Mike Jacobs advocacy moment—Mighty Mike giveth, Mighty Mike taketh away, blessed be the name of Mighty Mike. 🙂

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