The Albracht Effect

Thursday the GOP’s bill to reform the Ilinois workers’ compensation system was defeated in the Senate.

According to The QC Times “[m]ost Democrats voted “present” rather than “no” hoping to avoid an election-time claim that they voted against reform.’

But not our specially bred Senator Mike Jacobs:

“State Sen. Mike Jacobs said his ‘yes” vote sends a message that the issue is not partisan . . . ‘I’m a plainspoken politician who tends to call ’em as I sees ’em, and the fact is, Illinois needs workers’ comp reform . . . The one thing I think we owe is a debt to business in Illinois, and we have to make sure we don’t chase them out’.”

Good politics? Well, maybe, but recently Jacobs was lamenting there had to be a two-tier system for unionized government workers, so—whatever.

Was his “yes” vote just showboating? Well, yeah, Mike inherited the “Look At Me” gene from his daddy, so this could be in play.

Is the fact that Marvelous Mike already knows he has an opponent changing the way he votes? Probably, because previously he has been an unabashed tax and spend liberal happy to be in the pocket of Big Labor.

Marvelous Mike’s “calls ’em as I sees ’em” comment was obviously self-serving, but his QCTimes crony was happy to print it anyway. But for the more discerning—in the future, frame everything Marvelous Mike does or says in the context of the fact that no matter what job he runs for, he WILL have a serious opponent next year.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

20 thoughts on “The Albracht Effect”

  1. Speaking of newspapers: Isn’t is amazing how the print media laments loosing half their readership/sales after transitioning from ‘news’ to ‘partisan comment’? We need a focus group to find out wha hap’n.

  2. Stumbled across your blog and couldn’t help but comment. Sen. Mike Jacobs stood up to rod when nobody else did and stopped the gross receipt tax. Jacobs is pro gun and anything but liberal.

  3. Listen you future divorcee! We control this town. My dad, Stu, would have had the feds after you if he thought your stupid blog mattered—but he didn’t.

    Jacobs is being sent back home this year. We’re done dealing with his bullshit personality and ego. Albracht, you’re free to take it, but look out in 4 years.

  4. The media doesn’t know it, but I actually punched Rod Blago in the throat several years back. That’s why his voice is so insufferable now. Needless to say, he won’t mess with me again.

    Wanna know why?

    Because I’m Mike Jacobs. THATS why.

  5. Senator Mike Jacobs is a liar. John G. Punched his dad 3 days after Mike was born.

    Then when Mike turned 17, he tried to pick a fight with my dad, Stu. My dad punched him in the throat.

    STATE! Senator Mike Jacobs is just trying to change the story.

  6. What I have noticed is that if it weren’t for you pretending to be Winstein and Jacobs there would be no comments.
    Remember Jacobs is running against Schilling not Alberts.

  7. QCE, what sources could you have?
    The makers of the new Congressional map?
    I think not!
    The Democratic National Committee?
    I think not!
    President Obama?
    I think not!

    I would have to say that your sources are not as good as you think!

  8. Well Steny, when the final redistricting map is released and the frightened and paranoid Democrats finally announce who their backroom deal candidates are running for US Congress, State Senate and Dist. 71 Rep. then we’ll see who has the better sources—won’t we?

    You may think I’m just a rightwing wacko, but I do have my ways and means. 🙂

  9. As Obama said, “Elections have consequences.” One of those consequences is turning you democrap hacks even more viscious and stupid. It’s like half a reality show in here, being the only reality is on the right.

  10. Does it go to spam he’ll because you do not think we can handle the uncensored world or because you are shielding us from opposing views.
    Jacobs over Schock in the new district.

  11. Frankly, I would appreciate and welcome some intelligent, well-argued opposing views—unfortunately, there aren’t any.

    The main reasons a comment goes to Spam Hell are:

    1. Stupid

    2. Boring

    3. Press release, mindless cheerleading type comments.

    Your “Jacobs over Schock in the new district” comment hits the Trifecta.

  12. Your whole site fits your bill.
    1. Stupid
    2. Boring
    3. Press release, mindless cheerleading type comments.
    Frankly, It would be nice to see some intelligent, well-argued opposing views—unfortunately, there aren’t any.
    Your The Albrite Effect hits the Trifecta.

  13. Thanks for making my point.

    Normally I would say now that if you think this blog is boring, etc. you are not obligated to read it. But from your IP I know you are a regular reader so—whatever.

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