News Of The Downtrodden

University of Chicago nurses authorize strike.

Gee, I wonder what genius thought it would be a good idea to give Illinois nurses the power to strike?

Oh, wait, I’m thinking—-I know, Democrats!

And wouldn’t you love to be laying on a gurney with heart/gall bladder/ etc. attack while the nurses are striking for more $$$$ and more time off?

I’m sure this strike will cause the general population to rally around unions and unionized nurses. At least they had better since Obamacare is full of mandates to unionize the health care industry.

Thank the gods for Obama/Pelosi/Hare—our health care needs are now subject to the whims of Big Labor!


Speaking of Hare, his Big Labor paymasters are pulling their “money from a bank that union members believe had a role in the loss of jobs at two local firms in 2009.”

Yes, gentle readers, the bank is Wells Fargo, you know, the bank that Phil Hare swore he would be their “worst nightmare”.

Hilariously, The Philster turned out to be his OWN worst nightmare!

The businesses were Quad City Die Casting and Seaford Clothing, which Wells Fargo declined to finance because they were doomed—but whatever.

Pity the Quad City Federation of Labor that has become so irrelevant that it is reduced to fighting the lost cause wars of 2009.

The reporter on this—Bill Mayeroff, normally reports on Cops & Robbers, so this is out of his baliwick, but I did smirk at his final paragraph:

“The QCFL release did not state what ‘more responsible’ institution the group planned to move its funds to, and [the QCFL president] could not be reached for comment.”

What a hoot!

As the Big Labor epic fail in the Wisconsin Supreme Court judge election proved—they are all show and no GO!


Author: qcexaminer

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