“I Think When You Spread The Wealth Around, It’s Good For Everybody”

Another day, another mindless Letter To The Editors of The Hare-Dispatch.

The writer is in high dudgeon over the fact that the Ford Motor Co. CEO and executive chairman got multi-million compensation.

Whether you have stock in Ford or not, these guys should be rewarded for keeping their company out of the clutches of Obama and his Big Labor paymasters. Both GM and Chysler succumbed and now they build cars where the steering wheel falls off—but at least they are environmentally friendly!

But Ford aside, why is it these liberal whiners only target corporations and their executives?

CBS’s Katie Couric gets something like $23 million just to read the news. What about all those ball players with multi-million contracts? They get the $$$$ whether they produce or not. And what about the big paydays for Hollywood liberals? They get multi-million paychecks for just a few months work.

Why won’t liberals attack them as well?

The writer claims the big pay for Ford executives is “[j]ust two of the many reasons why the working men and women of our country get discouraged” but what about news readers and ball players and actors who only work a few months a year?

Shouldn’t they be on the TV game show the writer describes as “American Greed” too?

Hmmmm, maybe the writer could appear on a TV show called “American Hypocrite”.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

One thought on ““I Think When You Spread The Wealth Around, It’s Good For Everybody””

  1. Forgot to mention that Doug Oberhelman, Catepillar’s CEO, had his compensation QUADRUPLED.

    Bravo Doug! Anyone who can make a corporation thrive in the hostile environment of anti-business Illinois deserves every dime they get!

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