Scheduled For Maximum (Non) Participation

Democrat Rep. Pat Verschoore has issued a y’all come:

“I hope people participate [in the redistricting hearing] . . . Everyone says they want to be a part of the process—well, we’ll see. I’m hoping for a good turnout . . . People are concerned about redistricting, namely in our area about the 17th Congressional District meandering around.”

Gentle readers, I know you will not be shocked when I tell you this meeting that Verschoore hopes will produce “a good turnout” is scheduled for Wednesday at Rock Island City Hall at 2:00 p.m.!

This is understandable since most Democrats either don’t have jobs or belong to unions, which will always call off work for any political purpose.

Just as LBJ always announced troop increases in the middle of the day and Barack Obama chose to deliver his shallow, content-free partisan faux deficit speech in the middle of the day, Verschoore has scheduled his meeting when most people will be at work.

Good luck with that “good turnout” Pat—then you can blame voter apathy for just ramming through the Democrat plan.

Say what you will about Bobby Schilling, but he always schedules his town halls after 5:00, not at some hour he knows few will attend.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on “Scheduled For Maximum (Non) Participation”

  1. Too bad they can’t gerrymander this district anymore for Phil Hare.

    “I’m not an expert, I’m the dreamer” — Phil Hare on how he read the healthcare bill 3 times

  2. Hey, don’t be giving me those bad flashbacks, IBV! 🙂

    It’s always such a hoot when I get comments (most of which go straight to Spam Hell) about “just wait ’til Bobby has to run in Marvelous Mike’s specially designed district, he’ll be back flipping pizzas in ’13”—or something.

    The current 17th is an international laughingstock, but even so, The Philster couldn’t win with his massive infusion of Big Labor $$$$ and organization, all the power of incumbency, name recognition, etc.

    The Philster lost his own county by points—how do you gerrymander THAT?

  3. I think when the rest of the 17th sees his pedigree, he might suffer the same fate as Hare. I won’t hold my breath since he would never represent me or my area anyway.

  4. Well, aren’t YOU lucky, T? 🙂

    No matter how this redistricting thing shakes out, you are guaranteed to have rational right-leaning representation because no Democrat would want the Epicenter of The Insurgency as part of their district.

    In my view, all the suggested Dem QC candidates for congress have major flaws, so maybe someone from out of the QCs will give it a go—as long as they are not a party to the dirty backroom deals currently being made.

    The Politburo is hanging everything on redistricting going their way, but as I mentioned above, the ultra-gerrymandered 17th didn’t save Hare, so we’ll see.

    Bottom line is no QC Dem really knows how to work to get elected.

    But do enjoy your nice, new congressman—whoever that might be, and don’t worry about those of us still down in the trenches fighting from our rebel stronghold. 🙂

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