Lucy Moves The Ball

Our State O’ Illinois has opted to keep all the new income tax hike money for itself rather than honor a long standing deal to share a percentage of the tax with municipalities.

Our specially bred Senator Mike Jacobs explains why:

“Well, the state clearly needs it, from my perspective; I am in state government . . . I understand that the cities are not getting their share. I understand them being upset . . . I would have preferred to see it go to the cities. I think that has always been the system in Illinois, and it is one that we should live within . . . BUT in this particular case, you don’t always get your way.”

Wow. Violate a long standing deal with a smug and arrogant “you don’t always get your way.”

The article didn’t explain the particulars of the original “deal”, so it is hard to say if the cities have any recourse, and the article also mentions that some cities are hampered in their ability to raise taxes for various reasons.

This is the trickle down theory of taxes; the feds are the only governmental entity that can print money; the states depend on trickle down money from the feds and the municipalities depend on trickle down money from the state.

Too many promises made with not enough revenue to enact them is causing the entire house of cards to collapse.

Here’s another example where the state is wanting to foist off teacher pensions to the local schools—this is how it is done in Chicago. Naturally the downstate/suburban schools are shrieking bloody murder.

Here’s a typical reax:

“Rock Island/Milan School District 41’s Bob Beckwith said voters in the Quad-Cities wouldn’t go along with new taxes. Rock Island is dealing with a $1.3 MILLION deficit this year. Beckwith said that adding retirement costs would make that number soar.”

Since when have taxpayers EVER gone along with tax increases? The politicians just shove ’em down our throat and tell us “you can’t always get your way.”

We have some serious problems in our cities, states and in the nation. Some, like Barack Obama, are seriously unserious about fixing them.

So this is my proposal:

Spread the taxing around and enough with the trickle-down tax bit. This will cause people to pay greater attention to what is going on with their governments, will increase the demand for transparancy and will force governments to focus on funding necessities rather than spending on luxuries.

The day when we can afford to give everything to everybody for free is over—let’s make sure everyone knows the true cost of what their governments do—and let the people decide if they want to pay for them—or not.


Author: qcexaminer

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