Try To Act Surprised

Rebelpundit makes the shocking discovery that Communists were involved in the “We Are One” Big Labor rally in Chicago last weekend:

“What was even more disturbing to us, was the amount of young children brought to the protest with their parents, holding signs which prominently advocate for a new alternative economic system in America, and being taught what we believe is a very “un-American” message . . . Communist protesters at this rally even claim they are very patriotic for their advocacy to end capitalism in America.”

Well knock me down with Das Kapital!

And don’t look for any of this information in the establishment press, where unions are framed as a universally good thing that protects “working families” and is the “backbone of the middle class”. Pay no attention to the fact that many in the establishment press also belong to unions. Don’t look for any “full disclosure” either.

Rebelpundit obviously doesn’t know that from the very beginning labor unions were fronts for both the Communist Party and later the Mafia.

This is just a fact.

And the fact that our last congressman was financed almost entirely by these anti-American goons is the wake up call we all need in order to make sure that no Big Labor Democrat puppet is ever again elected as our congressman.

Pay no attention to what Democrats say—look who finances them.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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