You Don’t Have To Live In An Alternative Universe To Belong To An Illinois Public Employee Union . . .

. . . but it helps!

A spokesperson for Illinois public employee unions explains why they are fighting government reform of their unions:

“The state’s working now, and it’s working just fine. It’ll work just fine without any further modification to the law.”

Yeah, it’s working out “just fine” for the union—they continue to get raises and get sweet “no layoff” promises from Quinn in dirty backroom deals, but the rest of us—not so much.

Illinois has the highest unfunded pension liability in the nation. I have heard it is as high as $200 BILLION, but no worries—the bought Democrats will take care of everything.

The Illinois PEU are crying that Illinois isn’t Wisconsin—you’re damned straight. Scott Walker cared enough about the taxpayers of his state to see that Wisconsin DOES NOT become Illinois.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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