At Least We Have Civil Unions

Tom Miller, who lost his 20 year pharmacy business to bankruptcy because the State O’ Illinois refused to pay what was owed him, doesn’t chalk it up to “the bad economy’. He knows exactly who is to blame:

“I’m pissed . . . I’m bitter. I blame the senators and representatives—they allowed each governor to do what he wanted to do . . . I have never seen such an amount of in-fighting and back-biting . . . They have no vision . . . Why are the people that we elect to represent us in the state of Illinois—why are they allowing this situation?”

Why, indeed? And a very good question that should be asked of Mike Jacobs and Pat Verschoore over and over until November 6, 2012.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “At Least We Have Civil Unions”

  1. It wasn’t Morthland and Schilling who dragged the State O’ Illinois to the brink of bankruptcy.

    It wasn’t Morthland and Schilling who caused Tom Miller to lose his business and his five employees to lose their jobs.

    It was Jacobs, Verschoore, Quinn, Boland, Blago and the Democrat controlled government who did it and it is THEIR responsibility to fix what they broke—especially since they STILL control all of state government.

    Morthland wasn’t sworn in until Janury ’11 and Schilling is a US congressman—but nice try attempting to tie them to the reckless behavior of Jacobs and his Democrat cronies.

    What does Jacobs plan to cut from the budget? Or does he intend to tax his way out of his mistakes? Or will he continue to march lockstep with the radical leftwing of the Democrat Party and vote for the budget-busting single payer?

    Jacobs has the power—I want to know what he is going to do to fix the mess he created. What will he do—blame Schilling and Morthland? 🙂

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