Unfortunately The Philster Will Not Be Participating

“[Illinois] Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-DramaQueen) is on a symbolic fast Friday along with 29 other members of Congress and several leaders of the religious community to protest budget cuts that she says will fall on the backs of the poor.”

If Schakowsky really wanted to protect the poor from those evil Republicans, she would have demanded Nancy Pelosi do a budget last year.

But she didn’t, did she? Last year Democrats had complete control of the federal government and they could have rammed through any budget they wanted—but they didn’t want to, did they?

Instead of a fact-based budget the Democrats give us political theatre—the very essence of Bread And Circuses.

Thanks for nothing Phil Hare and Jan Schakowsky—you’ve just proven the
Democrats are seriously unserious about how to save our country from fiscal disaster.

It’s just so much easier to prance and preen and ride the lame moral high horse to bankruptcy.

Democrats: The Party Of No—Responsibility.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “Unfortunately The Philster Will Not Be Participating”

  1. Amazing, isn’t it? for the first time in like 40 years, they decided to not pass a budget, even though they had complete control. WHY?

    Because an election was coming, and a real budget would reveal that they SPEND SPEND SPEND money they WE do not have, but will have to pay for later.

    NOW they scream about the GOP starving grandma, for even a tiny step toward slowing the avalanche of spending.

    If they want to allow the pity card, pity the children that will be tax slaves to fund the largesse of unions and billionaire banksters that got unlimited bailouts. Fannie and Freddie … unlimited protection by selling the children into slavery … but Chicago Democrats raked in tens of millions in bonuses for their destructive management.

    Good gawd … these turkeys have no shame … and worse, they are destructive.

  2. So all of you people that are so concerned about paying off our debt; are you for giving our American money to the Communist Chinese Government that we owe our debt to?
    Are you people really for helping Communist China?

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