Thinking Outside The Box

From a Bill Albracht press release:

“. . . I believe the State of Illinois should take [Thomson] prison off the market and run it in a responsible manner, as initially intended. I believe Illinois should lease out half of the space in the facility to house out-of-state prisoners and fill the remaining half with inmates from the in-state prisons. This will generate significant revenue for Illinois from the federal government, and it will also alleviate some of the overcrowding currently taking place in Illinois state prisons.”

Here is the problem with electing Politburo candidates: they have deliberately placed themselves on the sidelines waiting for the signal from the Politburo they could be The One. So they have no incentive to think outside the box, because in order to succeed, they must be conformists and march lockstep with the status quo.

No matter who the RICO Politburo decides to run for state senate in their dirty backroom deal, their candidate will not possess any ability whatsoever to bring original or creative thinking to state government.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

10 thoughts on “Thinking Outside The Box”

  1. This is problematic. A typical state offender will probably be a different breed than a Federal offender. Then there’s the argument about Federal and State employees in the building. Who’s the boss of who? Do Federal employees guard one half of the prison? It’s not built to be divided in half. Is their even demand for Federal prisons? My understanding is that there’s a surplus in Illinois.

    Creative thinking costs. We either sell it or use it. Such is the unfortunate trade off when dealing with the failed policies a Politburo far more powerful than and RICO organization.

  2. Why would Mr Albracht try and ruin the deal that first Jacobs, Obama and Durbin set up and now Kirk and Schilling are backing. These deals are very sensitive.
    This Albracht would try and hurt this deal for his own personal gain is pathetic.

  3. OK, now I’m confused.

    Reading this article in the QCTimes makes it look like Albracht’s deal is to use Thomson strictly as a state prisoner facility with half (+/-) of the population being Illinois state prisoners and the remaining portion coming from state prisoners from other states—or something.

    Cheerleading Charles suggests Marvelous Mike was in on this federal buy out, but last I heard from MM, he was whining because Quinn wouldn’t go for the Pontiac to Thomson deal.

    I don’t know which position Mike’s daddy has decided he can run for, but what I know for sure if that we will see more of this Marvelous Mike as a sort of Forrest Gump who was right in the middle of every important deal and decision ever made.

    PS: Hey Charles, what have you heard from Brandy Donaldson about her investigation into possible illegal acts committed by Bobby Schilling in the Roman/Tranter deal?

    I’ve heard nada, but I know you are so passionate about this you will keep on it until Brandy brings us THE TRUTH.

  4. Great moments are born from great opportunity. That’s what you have here tonight, Bill. That’s what you’ve earned here tonight.

    One election. If you run against him ten times, he might win nine. But not this election. Not tonight.

    Tonight, we skate with him. Tonight, we stay with him, and we shut him down because we can!

    Tonight, you are the greatest State Senate candidate in the world. You were born to be a statesman.

    And you were meant to be here tonight. This is your time. Mike’s time? It’s done. It’s over.

    I’m sick and tired of hearing about how great a State Senator Mike Jacobs is. Screw him! This is your time! Now go out there and take it!

  5. If you read that Jacobs wanted Pontiac to Thomson but things don’t always work out so Jacobs called his friend Obama and next thing you know Guantanamo Bay to Thomson. The Republicans were afraid of these people in Thomson so now it is Federals in Thomson and yes Jacobs has fought harder than anyone. Now that everything is going well and the deal is done. Rep Schilling is on board and now this bafoon Albract is trying to screw the thing up for his own political gain.

  6. You know Coach, you bring up some good points—or at least suggest them.

    We don’t yet know if Marvelous Mike’s daddy wants him to run for the Jacobs Senate Seat again or US congress, but either way, Mike does NOT know how to work. Every job he ever got, his daddy got for him. His cheerleaders say he won 4 elections in 4 years—or something, but that was the olden days when the GOP was happy to play patsy.

    The problem with the RICO Politburo is they have no new faces and no new ideas—the same old hacks who have been banging around for decades are who they intend to “nominate” in their dirty backroom deals:

    1. Phil “I lost my home county by 9 points” Hare

    2. Mark “Mr. Charisma” Schwiebert

    3. Mike “My daddy gave me everything” Jacobs

    4. Pat “I Ain’t The Brightest Which Is why Gianulis Picked Me to Replace Brunsvold” Verschoore

    Who else? Jerry “I was Lane Evans’ Best Friend Until He Picked Hare to Be Congressman” Lack?

    Porter “I Was Durbin’s Toady And I LIKED It” McNeill?

    Every one of these hacks worship the failed ’70s liberalism of Evans/Hare—tax and spend to the max, baby!

    Where are the Democrat’s Bobby Schillings or even Bill Albrachts?

    Maybe that Camlin kid will be ready for higher office in 30 years, but for now all those bench-sitters want their turn.


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