Give Back to The Community And Give The Taxpayers A Break

The QC Times had yet another story about the Plight Of The Downtrodden At The Hands Of The Evil GOP that focused on how lost funding for Prairie State Legal Services forced them to lay off an attorney and represent fewer cases.

Prairie State is a non-profit that provides free legal services for the poor.

This is a great service and should be continued and expanded, but my quibble is about how the funds are spent—they should spend ZERO on attorney salaries, and instead rely on pro bono services.

Many lawyers who got into lawyering during the ’60s did so because they viewed the legal business as social work. These attorneys are now retirement age. We also have a habit here in the 14th JC of judges staying on the bench long enough to qualify for a pension, then handing their gavel over to the next in line. We also have many retired corporate lawyers from Deere, etc.

Some of these people have moved to sunnier climes, some live in the QCs part time and some are still here year around, and thanks to a recent Kilbride rule, retired lawyers may now do pro bono work without the usual requirements of insurance, continuing ed., etc.

So rather than whine about lack of funding, why doesn’t Prairie State recruit some local retired lawyers/judges to fill in on these cases?

Giving everything to everybody on the taxpayer’s dime is no longer sustainable, so why not search for solutions to problems that do not require tax money?


Author: qcexaminer

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