Try To Act Surprised

“The nation’s largest government labor union told Wisconsin Senate Democrats what to say the day they left Madison to delay a vote on the collective bargaining limits.”

Wowser! Democrats are the tools and puppets of Big Labor? Whodathunkit?

But if you’ve been following the Wisconsin Supreme Court race, you’ll notice that even though Big Labor poured massive amounts of $$$$ into buying a judge, the race is too close to call and will probably be subject to a recount.

Looks like Big Labor is losing it’s clout, even with massive $$$$ to spend. Tom Kilbride should thank the gods he got bought when he did!

Locally, Big Labor bought candidate for Rock Island Ward 6, “Nigga” Schipp, lost 206 to 194 and as The Hare-Dispatch reports:

“Mr. Schipp said he will request a recount ‘given the inconsistency of information and the closeness of the race’.”

If he proceeds with the recount, the winner, Joy Murphy, should demand County Clerk Karen Kinney recuse herself.

Kinney is a long time union activist and operative and there is no way she could conduct a recount in a fair and honest way.

When unionists shriek “SOLIDARITY FOREVER” they mean it!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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