Try To Act Surprised

CBS News:

“Terry Jones, the Gainesville, Fla. Pastor who burned a Quran after a mock trial that found the book guilty of crimes against humanity on March 20, is now reportedly receiving death threats for his public display . . . Jones has received 300 death threats since the “trial” . . . The FBI says Hezbollah has a $2.4 million bounty on his head . . .”

And try to act surprised when Obama and our political class sides with the wacko head-choppers over our right to free speech and freedom of religion.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “Try To Act Surprised”

  1. Howard Dean (failed presidential candidate) called freedom of speech “a nice idea, but…” the Florida rev has taken it too far. Disregarding that setting something on fire is an “act” and not “speech”, the freedom to speak your mind is in the Constitution; more than just a nice idea. The Florida rev was simply testing new forms of energy.

  2. Dean’s comment was typical leftwing twaddle, but unfortunately even RINOs like Lindsey Graham said the first amendment is nice, but not in time of war—or something.

    Liberals are always about suppressing speech they disagree with, but that so many in our political and pundit class so cavalierly toss the First Amendment under the bus to appease these religious fanatics is truly pathetic.

    “testing new forms of energy”, eh? Maybe there’s money left in the “stimulus” for that. đŸ™‚

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