This Ain’t Yer Daddy’s Romper Room

“A 26-year-old childhood teacher is under arrest charged with making bomb threats and sending e-mails containing death threats to Republican members of the [Wisconsin] State Senate and Gov. Walker over the budget repair bill.”

Such a caring, compassionate liberal girl—don’t we all wish we could have this sort of dedicated teacher instructing our children?

Did I mention she’s with Head Start?

And since she’s unionized and Illinois teachers are unionized, maybe we do!

Because she’s in a union it is unlikely she will be fired. Instead she will probably be given a raise for “stickin’ it to the man”.

If there was ever a case to be made as to why teachers should NOT be unionized, I’d say this little unhinged wacko should be Exhibit A.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

5 thoughts on “This Ain’t Yer Daddy’s Romper Room”

  1. For now I can only say … Democrats I know do little for those in need, even their own family, yet somehow feel oh so superior. They are effin Democrats after all.

    So what if others do more for family and friends and elderly and everyone … THEY are DEMOCRATS = GOOD. And they’re convinced just that fact, makes them superior.

    While this special club is circle jerking itself on how important they are, real adults are trying to contain the explosion of government spending.

    But these babies are used to their candy … if they weren’t raised getting the candy when they screamed in the checkout line, they learned it when they joined the government unions. Laws don’t apply to them … They are fighting for a higher purpose … a higher race … the all knowing, all powerful DEMOCRAT. (aka communist)

    anyway .. that’s just an initial response … indeed, these creatures get it in their not so pretty little heads, that they are set apart, sanctified for a higher calling than all of us little people that pay their salaries.

  2. Worse new is she’s only been charged. She was never physically taken into custody. No assume the position. No handcuffs. No mugshots (as of yet). No holding cell. No bail.


  3. Thanks for the updated info Undergroundconserv. If you don’t know, I’m situated in northern Illinois—safe haven for Wisconsin (and Indiana) fleebaggers.

    We never have this union strife because our politicians are so in the tank for public employee unions they wouldn’t in a million years think to put the taxpayers interests above their Big Labor paymasters.

    I don’t doubt for a minute there are thousands of people “teaching” our kids in Illinois just like the one in Wisconsin who got busted.

    Solidarity forever!


  4. So back when I was in school there were several bomb threats. I always assumed it was other students doing it to get out of school. Hum, never thought it to be a teacher.

  5. When I was in school, the only people making bomb threats were from the Soviet Union. 🙂

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