Don’t Fence Me In

Just when you think the hacks and dullards in Springfield couldn’t be more absurd, this happens:

“Construction companies that want to work for Illinois government would have to promise not to move out of state , , , Bidders on state construction contracts would have to sign affidavits affirming the company will keep its primary employment base in Illinois . . . The bill passed without opposition Tuesday in the House. It now goes to the Senate.”

Yeah, this will fix our problems.

And isn’t this so typical of our political class? Illinois has been bleeding jobs and businesses for decades—it started here in the QCs back in the ’80s, so rather than address the problems that cause business to flee, our mental giants devise a plot to keep them in the state—or not.

But at least this way they will not have to offend their powerful special interests by reforming worker’s comp, reducing odious regulations and taxes, and smacking around our dysfunctional government to make it work for ALL, not just the powerful and well connected.

So good luck to our brilliant legislators keeping construction business here by force of an affidavit.

Dumbassery on steroids!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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