Bobby We Hardly Knew Ye

Big Government:

“The House has an opportunity to pass legislation that will turn back the clock on the administration’s overstepping its boundaries . . . Namely, the FAA Reauthorization and Reform Act, which includes a provision to overturn the [National Mediation Board’s] new rule [changing the way union votes are counted to enable an entire workforce to be forced to unionize by a minority of votes] and re-instate the system that has worked for decades . . . Republican fence sitters include . . . Bobby Schilling.”


Congressman Bobby Schilling


If you’re in the vicinity of the Moline Public Library, Schilling’s office is right next door.

Pro or con, tell him what you think.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

22 thoughts on “Bobby We Hardly Knew Ye”

  1. How would Bobby vote? I would think he would vote to repeal.

    You have 100 employees 25 choose a bargaining unit. So that is fair. Do we not live in America? Does majority still rule?

  2. If this bill is such a slam-dunk right thing to do, why would Bobby be categorized as a fence sitter?

    Union members are part of his coalition, so he would surely consider their input in his final consideration.

    I didn’t read the bill—all I have to go on is the report in Big Government, so there may be more in it—and to it, than is shown at the link.

    In a situation like this, I think it’s important to let your elected officials know where you stand. With Hare you could always be sure he would ignore his constituent’s wishes and take his marching orders from Nancy Pelosi and the Big Labor bosses—I believe Bobby has a different way of doing things in the 17th CD.

  3. Good point QCE.

    My sources tell me that the reason he is on the big government list is because he was on a target list for unions—due to his votes on other bills.

    He could end up voting either way. I’m not totally sure. My gut tells me that he will do the right thing and go back to the old rules.

  4. Bobby was vice-president of the union hall when I was young. Congressman Schilling is a union supporter and will do what is right for us. In return we will vote Bobby in again. All Bobby has to do is support “card check” and do what is good for labor.

  5. Gotta love the cheer from high school football “…hit him from the left, hit him from the right, stand up, sit down, fight, fight, fight!…”

  6. qce, you keep hitting him from the right, let the left do their thing and we will pulverize this guy! This is great, we’ll get Hare back and life will be sweetly stale again! Gotta love how Republicans are still setting up failure moments for these guys! Keep up the good work fellas!

  7. Note To Readers:

    It’s tiresome having my patriotism questioned every time I do a post that is less than laudatory about Schilling. Do I need to take a loyalty oath?

    I will not sit down and shut up.

    I will not be The Schilling-Dispatch.


    newcomer, do you really believe anything I have said here is worse than what the Dems will throw at Bobby from now (or until the decide who their victim will be) until November 6, 2012?

    Do you really think anything I have said here could be more damaging to Bobby than when his own wife told the New York Times that Bobby being in politics was not “beneficial” to their family and Bobby pretty much agreed with her?


    As to the rest of you mutterers—AJ at #6 nailed it. Without even guessing how this district will look AFTER redistricting, even now it is mostly Dem and union.

    Hare misjudged both union power/loyalty and the fact that the Dems here are moderate and not on board with the leftwing Obama/Pelosi/Hare statist policies. He paid the price for his ignorance.

    Bobby is not that stupid. I should NOT have to tell anyone here that I’m a big Bobby fan, but the reality is that this district is not now, nor will it be a primarily TEA Party district. In order to be viable and successful Bobby has to navigate the Scylla and Charybdis of the TP and unions—and every thing in between.

    This will not be an easy task, but insisting I, and others, just STFU about all the possible problems Schilling will/may face will not change reality.

  8. Hmmm… slightly touchy for sitting behind anonymity. I mentioned nothing about your patriotism. You are hitting him from the right and not even delving fully into the details of any of the bills he votes for or against. Have you called Schilling yourself? Asked the reason behind his votes? It’s ok for YOU to sit behind your computer and question Schilling’s patriotism. Way to go after Schilling’s wife for being truthful, especially by leaving out her the remark that “it’s good for the country” No one is insisting that you “STFU” (nice language for a lady) I was pointing out the fact that it’s hitting conservatives from both sides is what gets us politicians like Hare. You’re too touchy!

  9. Yeah, I’m sure when the Dems quote the NYTimes saying MRS. BOBBY SCHILLING: “IT HASN’T BEEN BENEFICIAL TO OUR FAMILY!!!1111!! they’ll be sure to include the part about how it’s right for the country.


    I’m not going to apologize and I’m sorry you don’t get what I’m doing here but if you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it.

    I’m not going to change because of your put-downs.


    However, feel free to start your own The Schilling-Dispatch blog—I’ll link it!

  10. Why are you yelling? Is it your point to shut Schilling’s wife up? I see that her blog has stopped, liked it too. Too bad, everything has to be so hostile. Like I said, touchy. NO please do not change, it is the reason you have followers. I suspect that Schilling isn’t going to change either. It is the reason that Dems voted for him. He is who he is. He is doing a fair job representing the dynamics of the people of this district. Don’t worry you have every right to sit behind anonymity and criticize whom every you wish. At least the Dispatch and Times write with their faces published.

  11. You say I’m “touchy”, I say you’re projecting.

    You criticize me for anonymity but is “newcomer” your real name?

    And didn’t I already say this in #14?:

    “Schilling isn’t going to change either. It is the reason that Dems voted for him. He is who he is. He is doing a fair job representing the dynamics of the people of this district.”

    Check. Mate.

    I’m done.

  12. Here’s a link to Schilling’s voting history page.

    They voted today on H.R.658 and amendments, which is what we are discussing, and Schilling ultimately voted with his party against this abomination.

    Thank the gods.

  13. Well mary, I wouldn’t discount that possibility.

    Every day we are discovering new abominations hidden in Obamacare because as Nancy Pelosi said, they had to pass the bill to see what was in it, and since Obamacare was written by liberals for liberals, it is entirely possible we will soon see free abortions offered at Wal-Mart.

    As for “everyone” getting an abortion—I doubt it. As it stands now it is mostly liberals who are aborting themselves—the Roe Effect.

    I’d say this was a “win” if it wasn’t so sad—whatever happened to that liberal mantra that abortion should be “safe, rare and legal”?

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