You Try To Help People And They Hate You For It

Our specially bred Senator “Marvelous” Mike Jacobs went on a pity party when asked to defend his vote for massive tax increases and how that might effect businesses, including Caterpillar:

“”We’ve spent hundreds of millions of dollars, federal dollars, to put brand new roads into Peoria . . . And the emphasis behind a lot of those roads was to make sure that Caterpillar could get their equipment in and out. And now that we’ve spent that money, Caterpillar is saying ‘Yeah, we’re making record profits, but we want more.”

Gentle readers, this is what passes as a “pro-business”, “moderate” Democrat in Rock Island County.

I know both Illinois Statehouse News and the Hare-Dispatch are too polite to ask this question, but I’m going to ask anyway:

Hey Mike, where’s the PROOF that federal money was used to improve roads around Peoria “to make sure that
Caterpillar could get their equipment in and out.”

Really, Mike? Put up or shut up.

But whatever, keep prancing and preening and flapping your gums—it’s good blogging material—and EXCELLENT campaign ad material.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “You Try To Help People And They Hate You For It”

  1. Absurd, ain’t it T?

    Mike is obviously just grasping at straws here—or maybe he’s trying out talking points to spin his vote for the massive tax increases in January.

    No matter if he runs for state senate of US congress his lame “it’s the right thing to do” ain’t gonna cut it—he’ll get hammered about this over and over.


    bill, I just did a post on the latest absurdity by our political class to keep construction business in Illinois—the government is making them sign affidavits promising to stay in the state if they get Illinois government construction jobs.

    That’ll git ‘er done! 🙂

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