When Liberals Start Spouting Scripture . . .

. . . hold on to your wallet!

Three County Quinn indulges in some moralistic prancing and preening when he says there must be a “moral dimension to the operation of our government” by quoting Proverbs: “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

He says “we’re not letting anyone perish in Illinois”.

Has any fundamentalist preacher ever made such an absurd claim?

So Quinn backs the liberal sacred pillar and economic philosophy of “Well, you CAN spend” and the idea that budget cuts would be a moral atrocity by spouting the Old Testament, but where will all this “moral” money come from to prevent “the people” from perishing?

Just as the original St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland, our very own St. Pat Quinn is driving business and people out of our wonderful State O’ Illinois.

Who will be left to pay for Quinn’s moralistic hubris?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

7 thoughts on “When Liberals Start Spouting Scripture . . .”

  1. “we’re not letting anyone unions or cronies perish work for less than double the private sector rate in Illinois”

    This seems a fitting attitude for those that act like God’s chosen ones. They plan to let the little people drown in a Red Sea of debt, after they’ve crossed to their promised land of milk and honey pensions.

  2. And one can smoke again in Illinois casinos! Screw the people’s health, they need the money (and by ‘they’, I mean those hypocritical gutter rats in Springfield).

  3. That’s exactly right.

    So much taxpayer $$$$ is directed toward a narrow constituent—public employee unions, there is very little left to benefit the rest of us (i.e. infrastructure) or the poor.

    Democrats have controlled Illinois government for 8 years and at every turn they chose to reward their union paymasters and family/friends/cronies rather than the general population.

    That says all there is to say about liberal “morals”.

  4. G, it ain’t a done deal yet.

    It only passed the House and has to be approved by the Senate and then Quinn—who is against it.

    Will Quinn approve it in order to prevent “the people” from perishing?

    Don’t count on it.


  5. Anger is stressful! When are the democraps going to do something about the gray hair they’re causing. If we can sue because (insert something stupid HERE) has damaged our health, why can’t we sue that idiot Turbin for ‘Hair Club’ dues?

  6. Here’s another example of liberal Nancy Pelosi spouting scripture—this time the Gospel of Matthew (When I was hungry, etc.) to denounce the Ryan budget and to promote more unsustainable, mindless spending of $$$$ we don’t have.

    Again, when liberals start spouting scripture to bolster their policies that means—hold on to your wallet!

  7. Well, San Fran Nan’s view is separation of Christians from government, and separation of states from government … just one government .. the federales, moving toward just the UN or whatever

    And to her .. government is the provider, government is god. Bring all the little people unto me, and I shall provide them with government cheese, which I will take from other little people. But you all damn well better bow to me or I will kneecap you.

    Has anyone ever tried throwing water on the wicked witch of the west? 😯

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