Using The Chilllldren As Human Shields

Last Thursday the administrators of five Head Start programs coordinated an ambush on Bobby Schilling’s Galesburg office and brought their media allies with them to record this “surprise” field trip.

By all accounts, the Schilling staffer handled this situation with grace, but reading about it in the local press, it is clear this was an organized protest against cuts in the Head Start program using children as human shields.

The article offered no balance or real information at all—just basic propaganda. It wasn’t mentioned that Obama jacked up funding by $1B for 2011 and that this is another one of those feel-good Great Society programs that does little to help children and instead has become just another taxpayer funded jobs program operating in perpetuity.

Like Planned Parenthood.

The article says these little indoctrinated Marxists were waving placards and slogans just like the leftwing statists at Head Start who “teach” them.

Our Community Organizer in Chief would be proud.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on “Using The Chilllldren As Human Shields”

  1. Maybe they could send the kids home with placards demanding more candy, no chores and no bedtime. Teach the kids that the way to get what you want is to throw a fit, and defy authority. Just tell the kids to march and bang pots and pans in the house all night till they get what they want.

    But yeah, they really should start taking the head start money out of the kid’s allowance now. “Johnny, you don’t get $5 this week, you need to start paying for the Head Start program, OK?” Then when he is a little older explain that his allowance wasn’t enough, by the time he is out of high school he will already owe $15,000. 😯

  2. That is an intriguing idea, but I believe under current guidelines, subjecting a child to that level of brutal truth telling and reality is considered child abuse. 🙂

  3. The Head start program must be working really good because the kids carrying the signs have full sentences on them. I’m sure then that they not only can read what they carry but also understand it.
    Yes, this whole act is ridiculous but until parents and people who claim to be conservatives become more responsible this kind of actions will only get worse. Wonder how many parents didn’t care about what happened that days with their children or worse, did not know. Education starts in the home. Not only the reading, writing and arythamatic but also God, manners and country, to name a few. Makes me think of the saying, If you don’t believe in anything, you will fall for everything.

  4. Well yeah audi, and I have it on good authority that permission slips for this impromptu “field trip” were NOT handed out and some of the parents were mightily peeved that their child was used for propaganda purposes.

    We’ve all seen anti-war and TEA Party parents bring their children to protests, but that is their right—not the right of a government sponsored entity.

    As I mentioned in my post, Head Start is NOT an effective program for children, but since it is one of the many sacred cows, it continues to get taxpayer $$$$.

    There must be thousands of these taxpayer funded ineffective programs that get funded no matter how bad they are.

    We could probably balance the budget if all these bad, ineffective programs were given the heave-ho, but that ain’t how Washington works—they see these as a taxpayer funded jobs programs.

    And reliable Democrat voters.

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