Bill Gates On Medicare

Adam Freedman:

“. . .”[the] recent decision in Hall v. Sebelius in which a federal district court held that seniors could not opt out of Medicare Part A, unless they also forfeit Social Security.”

If this is the trend, soon we will all be wards of the state.

The only question is—who will get the first waiver?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “Bill Gates On Medicare”

  1. People were deceived into believing they were “investing” in their OWN retirement, and their dear government was kindly saving those payments in a lock box.

    Reality … that was a scam, your TAX money was spent buying votes from those retired at the time of your payment. Any left over money was wasted on various government bailouts for the rich and connected. So the idea that social security is “OUR money” was always a lie.

    But this seems backwards too … wouldn’t it be better to let people OUT of being on the Medicare tit? I guess it would be, unless dear leader has decided we must all be jammed into one government program, for the greater good … of the communist/democrat party.

    And the lobbyists surely are involved. All those making billions off Medicare via excessive testing and equipment (sold at 300% the going rate), they must keep milking the cow that laid the golden egg. Real competition would send the cows to greener pastures … gotta close that gate.

    If people found out a private hospital that didn’t run on billing Medicare could do more for less, people would demand that instead of the “free junk”.

    My experiences lead me to believe most of hospital efforts are aimed at avoiding lawsuits and sucking every possible dollar per patient out of Medicare. In between all the protocols and excessive paperwork, at times some real care happens.

  2. All so true. Medicare is going to be in even deeper doo-doo once the Boomers turn 65 and Obamacare strips half a trillion dollars out of it, so why not let those who want better health care and/or can afford it to have it?

    The discussion at the link suggests this was some sort of rogue judge using creative interpretations of the SS rules in order to bring The Worker’s Paradise closer to reality, and let’s hope this is overturned since it makes absolutely NO SENSE.

    Your first paragraph reminded me of an ongoing discussion I had with my mother decades ago. She was convinced her monthly S.S. check was funded by the money that had been taken out of her paychecks all those years and put in a special government account in her name. I tried to tell her that her check was financed by people who were working NOW—including me.

    She just would not believe it—she chose the word of dead president FDR over the word of her own daughter!

  3. Bill I have been telling people this forever. President George Bush starred telling people it was their money. When Social Security first started it wasn’t a trick or vote getter though Bill as the getters were far surpassed by the givers at the time this was started. The Social Security act was signed in 1935. Taxes were collected in January 1937 for the first time and payments were made the very same month. In 1940 here were 159.4 workers per. In 1950 there were 16.5 workers per. Now there are three and in 2031 there will be 2.1 workers per beneficiary. Ignorance is no excuse, people try and explain but it must be easier to stick ones head in the sand. Look people are more selfish today because of TV and blogs. People used to discuss issues with neighbors but today people just watch their pretend news chanels that are really TV shows and act as if they are educated and know something. That you just realized how social security works is just scary. You really seam to care.
    Next Bill look into he tax code it is easy to find and people really payed up to 70% under Reagan.
    Now maybe you realize the reason why both Bush and Obama want illegals paying social security When they can never make a claim.
    If you read the tax code along with people living longer and the cost to keep people living longer you will see why we are In debt to the communists.

    Could you imagine the outcry if a program like Social Security was proposed today.

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