Taking It To Obama . . .

. . . good and hard.

Rush Limbaugh:

“Whoever in this [GOP presidential] field takes it to Obama the straightest and the hardest and the most direct, is who’s gonna win.”

With that in mind, I hereby endorse FRED KARGER for POTUS!!11!!

Fred is an openly gay Republican who has 35 years experience working and advising the Ford, Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations. He’s not only a rare bird because he’s a gay GOPer, he claims the progressive Republican mantle of Theodore Roosevelt. We haven’t seen any of those in a good long while.

Proving he can take it to Obama straight and hard, here’s his assessment of The Won:

“The guy’s been a disappointment. He’s not a happy guy, he needs Zoloft. He’s just not optimistic.”

That’s telling ’em Fred!

Iowegian Sen. Chuck Grassley says there are only two or three candidates qualified to be president but almost all of them are more qualified that Obama was in ’08.

Grassley wouldn’t say which “two or three” he considered “qualified”, but I assume he means Romney and Pawlenty—maybe Daniels.

A lot of GOPers are complaining that all the wackos are coming out for this campaign, but I say, so what? Not only will it show how diverse the GOP really is, it will put a lot of new and interesting ideas out there to mull over.

There’s no reason to worry about what the Democrats and their allies in the press will say—they’d call Jesus a racist if He was running as a GOPer, so we might as well have a glorious debate about the issues of the day.

But which should or will prevail? The establishment candidate or the grassroots candidate?

Aside from my faux “endorsement” of Karger, I really haven’t made up my mind yet—I still think it’s too early, but I do sorta agree with Rush; the GOP needs a candidate who is unafraid what the press will say about him/her and has the ability to hammer Obama over his policies, voting “present” in an executive job, his leftwing ideology, his frightening incompentence and his obvious disdain for the wishes of the public.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

One thought on “Taking It To Obama . . .”

  1. I’m thinkin’ Obama is already on Zoloft … sorta numb and happy, and still not capable of facing hard realities.

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