You Don’t Have To Have Your Head Up Your Keester To Be A Rock Island County Democrat . . .

. . . but it helps!

Tuesday the RICO Democrats held a fundraiser and WQAD was there to get the spin.

Our beaten-like-a-rented-mule former congressman Phil Hare explains the Democrat Debacle of ’10 and his plan to take back the country in ’12:

“We didn’t articulate, nationally, what we’d done . . . We have to talk about the differences between the two parties. What, specifically, would [Republicans] cut?”

The idea that the historic national flip from Dem to GOP in ’10 and Hare losing his home county by 9 points is due to communication issues is laughable—it indicates Hare’s loss to Schilling has truly unhinged him from reality.

As for the “what would they cut” trope, Hare must have been in a cave with a vat of chocolate since November 2 if he’s asking that inane question. Both the Illinois GOP and the US congressional GOPers have articulated what, “specifically”, they want to cut. Doesn’t Hare follow the news anymore?

Then there’s this comment from our specially bred state senator Marvelous Mike Jacobs on the RICO Democrat’s plan of attack:

“We’re gonna put people on the streets and have organizations like we did in the old days and get people active and involved.”

What a hoot! Recently both his daddy and Hare said the “grassroots” would be cut out and Democrat candidates for office would be determined in dirty backroom deals—just like the ones that spawned Mike and Hare. Mike may talk a good “grassroots” game, but his actions are the exact opposite of grassroots behavior.

Besides, the Democrats have not been a grassroots party since the early ’70s when Hare and Evans were cutting their political teeth. The Politburo Poobahs really need to get out of their bubble world more often.

It seems with the deaths of bag man Stu Winstein and Party Boss John Gianulis, the local Dems are in serious disarray and serious denial.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “You Don’t Have To Have Your Head Up Your Keester To Be A Rock Island County Democrat . . .”

  1. We are in extreme disarray. I even forgot how to brush my teeth.

    We are disappoint and will probably drop the ball in 12 even with Obama on the ballot and the deal already being cut.

  2. So message tweaking won’t git ‘er done and your cousin Marvelous Mike was lying when he said he wanted to include the little people in important decisions like who gets to run for public office?

    I’m shocked—-SHOCKED, I tell you!

    Let’s hear it for the Business As Usual 40 Year Old Gianulis Democrat Playbook!

    The Rock Island County electorate has moved on, but the Rock Island County Democrats are stuck in the last century.

    Change we can believe in!

  3. And the Dems told us the truth? No new taxes, vote on it to know what’s in it, healthcare cost to go down, jobs created or saved, I’ll only raise IL income tax to 4%, etc

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