President Fleebagger

Jennifer Rubin:

“. . . with Obama gallivanting around South America, not leading on Libya and not leading on our fiscal problems, it’s hard to see anything at work other than an ill-conceived plan to get re-elected by doing nothing.”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

23 thoughts on “President Fleebagger”

  1. We’ve gotten to a scary point; there is this huge ship sailing somewhere with no captian. America has never been closer to death, and the enemy is internal.

  2. Why not pick on somebody that has been softened up by a few weeks of rebellion? Just think of the street cred you could gain by going in along with other countries! I personally think Obama is a pussy and he was looking for a way to look brave when he isn’t. Going in knowing Gaddafi can’t do anything takes huge balls, not.

  3. You know who made Obama go to war? His BFF, Senator Mike “Fucking” Jacobs.

    We pull the strings. Even in Washington already.

    Check mate.

  4. G, there was a townhall here last night with Schilling and Morthland.

    One of the questioners went all Rush Limbaugh saying Obama knew exactly what he was doing—destroying the country from within.

    Schilling handled that bombshell with aplomb—can you imagine the ruckus if he had gone on record as approving such a comment?


    But no matter your opinion about The Won, his wealthy fat-cat liberal pal George Soros is hosting a conference next month in order to establish a new multilateral economic system, reform the currency system and to rearrange the entire global financial order where “America isn’t so dominant.”

    While on the one hand this is a scary notion, on the other hand this will provide great campaign fodder for the GOPer who is running against Obama in ’12.

    Oh yeah, and don’t forget the SEIU guy who wants to destabilize the country and achieve redistribution of wealth by destroying JP Morgan, the stock market and Wall Street.

    Obama certainly has some interesting supporters.

  5. Who do you think is pulling the strings with Soros? Do I even need to say it?

    Senator Mike “fucking” Jacobs is going to be POTUS of the world and you critters will be his slaves.

    It’s over and all because Schilling cut the deal.

  6. I’m glad we are graced with the hilarity that always ensues when Tspud1 enters the blogosphere!

    Holy shit that guy is as cool as Will Smith and funnier than Dana fucking Carvey.

    Isn’t it time to start farming again? Go plow your fields. I’m gonna go cut some more deals with my cousin and we are gonna take total control.

  7. Hey dave, speaking of “cut”, I saw the photo of Marvelous Mike in yesterday’s H-D and it looks like he’s packed on a few pounds since his wife dumped him.

    You would be doing him a big favor if you could take him aside and gently suggest he “cut” the beer and pizza and eat more fruits and veggies instead. πŸ™‚

  8. Whoa! QCExaminer! Wow! Getting personal? Don’t ever insult my divorce again! How the fuck would you feel if I did that to you?

    Something’s are off limits!

  9. What the hell does “insult my divorce” mean?

    You can’t believe the divorce between two high profile and powerful political families like Beth Wendt and Mike Jacobs would pass without comment or question, do you?

    The Phil Phreaks had no problem bringing up the Schilling’s failed divorce and I’m already getting rumblings about Albracht’s marital history—Mike’s divorce will be fair game just like everyone elses.

    If you don’t believe it, you and Mike have spent too much time in the Politburo cocoon.

    Mike just ain’t that special.

  10. Next stop could be in Israel. Militants shoot rockets into Israel in hopes to capitalize on all the unrest in region. Maybe Obama can demand that Israel not protect itself.

  11. I dunno T, that seems kinda risky.

    American Jews are like blacks in that they vote lockstep Democrat.

    As the Rubin quote above suggests, Obama seems intent on doing as little as possible hoping no one notices how little he is doing so he can get re-elected—or something.

    The majority of the US public would be outraged for him to stand by and do nothing—this would be the worst thing that could happen to Obama.

    Hmmmmmm. πŸ™‚

    PS: I think Schilling might be using you as an example of business owners in Illinois who have had enough and decided to fleebag it out of here.

    Wednesday there was a townhall here with Schilling and my state rep. During the course of the discussion, including both the oppressive OSHA and EPA regulations and the anti-business, pro-tax climate in IL, Schilling mentioned that he has recently spoken with “someone” who owned a large business but decided to sell it because he had had enough of the governmental b.s.

    At the time, I immediately thought of you, but on the other hand, this could be just about any business owner with two brain cells to rub together. πŸ™‚

  12. We are considering moving across the river to Missouri. Lower workman’s comp, lower unemployment tax, utilities, corp tax, lower real estate tax, lower gas, compare unfunded pension. The 170 year history isn’t doing anything to pay those expenses. We are not a Peoria company. I found it ironic that Durbin showed up here today in a grocery store(90 stores) to tout lower debit card fees and the owner has considered the same thing.

  13. That’s quite the juicy link, bill.

    Looks like a blackmail letter from the Cat CEO to Quinn—I thought it was a nice touch that the CEO included recruitment letters to Cat from other states.

    My guess is that Oberhelman is angling for some tax breaks or other perks from Quinn—maybe he’ll pay no tax at all like Obama’s pal Immelt at GE!

    I can’t imagine even a clueless incompetent like Quinn would allow 23,000 jobs to leave the state because you can bet that would show up in every GOPer’s campaign ad next year.

    Gotta love the pitch from the Nebraska governor: “We balance our budget by controlling spending, not by raising taxes”. It’s the anti-Illinois way!


    T#19: Maybe try some BenGay on that throbbing cell—or maybe some WD40. πŸ™‚

    T#20: Hey, so what if we are supporting Al Qaeda in Libya? As The Won has assured us our intervention has “saved countless civilian lives”—or something.


  14. The only reason that companies are leaving Illinois is because my cousin, Mike “Fucking” Jacobs has decided to punish the people of Illinois for voting for Bobby Schillang.

    The jobs will come back when Mike “Fucking” Jacobs says they will!

  15. Yeah, a big CEO has the clout to shift the tax burden down where it belongs, to the little non-union people. Stossel did a pretty good bit on that last night … corporate welfare, and other welfare programs for the rich, like providing insurance for their vacation homes on the beach. Or incentives for things big Corps sell … eg. wind turbines, appliances and Chevy Volts.

    I’m sorta mixed on taxing corporations. If I make some widgets, I pay say 20% on my profit. If CAT makes a widget and they pay 20% on their profits, they then distribute the remaining 80% to shareholders, who get taxed another 20%. So corporate widgets get taxed 36%.

    Government likes that and gives special favors to corporations. Of course there is graft, and lobbyists are supplying grease, and alliances are formed between big labor, GE, and politicians. Corporations keep some profits offshore … and cut special deals to give them leverage over smaller competition.

    Corruption is the real problem … but the beltway gang think it is the American Way, and routinely ignore the voter.

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