The Hare-Dispatch Staff Had To Wash Their Hair Last Night

Yesterday Bobby Schilling held a forum in Moline sponsored by the QC Chamber of Commerce. The report by the QCTimes is here, the H-D—nada.

However, they did manage to free up a reporter in order to cover a forum for Rock Island Ward 6 alderman, of which only one of the three candidates bothered to show.

But still, it was a good night for the H-D because they got the obligatory cheap shot in on Bobby Schilling:

“[Candidate Joshua Schipp] said Rock Island must work with federal representatives to ensure funding keeps flowing to the city, adding the positions of U.S. Rep. Bobby Schilling, R-Colona, are ‘inadequate’.”

Hey, way to “work with federal representatives” Mr. Schipp–attacks and cheap shots are the time tested way to get things done. Forget about building relations with those in power—-prancing and preening for your Democrat/press pals is what really matters. He must feel so important getting his Schilling slam published in the H-D.

It’s worth noting that Schipp is the classy guy who was so fond of shrieking NIGGA! NIGGA! NIGGA! on Facebook, but the H-D will take whatever it can get from whomever it can get when it comes to attacking Republicans.

Bravo Jonathan Turner and Joshua “NIGGA” Schipp—you’ve provided another shining example of what passes for the “new civility” among Democrats and their allies in the press.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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