Fun Fax . . .

. . . from Bobby Schilling:

“. . . it takes 10 private-sector jobs to generate the taxes to pay the wages and benefits of one public-sector job.”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

12 thoughts on “Fun Fax . . .”

  1. I wonder how many private sector jobs it takes to generate wages and perks for Bob Schilling’s public sector job?

    If Bob would cut military spending and redirect he money to private industry the roll-over effect would allow us to generate more jobs and then people wouldn’t worry so much about what everyone else is doing.

  2. Yeah just hand out money and it will solve all of our problems. Don’t you idiot republicans get it? Give out more welfare. Even Phil Hare knew that for every dollar you put into homelessness and poverty you get $50 back into the economy!

    Welfare is a much better investment than infrastructure. With infrastructure you only get $5 for every dollar spent.

    Son I am disappoint that you are not listening to my bffs Mike Jacobs and your son.

    We made a deal and now Bobby Schilling is done.

  3. Military spending equals jobs dipshit.

    It’s just like the stimulus. If you are a liberal who supported the wasteful stimulus, then how can you NOT support military spending?

    You think all military spending goes to killing people? How about to gun manufacturers (then to the workers to make guns) ammunition producers (then to workers to make ammo)

    I swear people in our party are half fucking retarded.

  4. Fact is David, military spending by the government has a roll-over factor of 2 1/2. Government spending on private industry has a 6 1/2 roll over number. It’s plain to see that military spending is among the least productive spends this great country makes on behalf of taxpayers — dipshat!

  5. The good news is that with Obama’s new war in Libya, spending on the military will increase.

    Gotta love our Nobel Peace Prize Warmonger. Go! Bammy! Go! 🙂


    T, it doesn’t take long for lefty twaddle to get tiresome and Zzzzzzz.

  6. If it actually had a point it would help. The posting of made up stats and mindless rants makes you wonder how their minds work.

  7. You know T, I don’t really have a commenting policy and I hate to sound all girly, but a lot of what is in moderation that gets published here depends on my mood on any given day.

    Some days I think, hey, let’s have a look at some leftwing wackiness—other days, I think you’ve got to be *&#&^%! kidding me.

    Sorry, but that’s what you get when your blog hostess has two X chromosomes. 🙂

  8. with Obama’s new war in Libya, spending on the military will increase.

    well, maybe not … seems Obama likes using up our resources without replacing them.

    Our oil pumped from the gulf (which he bragged about) came from Clinton and Bush approvals, while he is choking off replacement, except for his help for Brazil deep oil. The decline is coming. But he is giving our money to Brazil to drill even deeper, and now giving approval to a Brazil company to drill in our gulf … I hear … good grief.

    He’s using up a couple hundred cruise missiles, but that doesn’t mean he’ll replace them. He wants to get rid of our nukes … even as others develop them. He seems to be working at weakening U.S.

    Unions are working to destabilize our country, and Obama is most closely aligned with them … it’s almost like he’s an enemy of the state.

  9. The union mindset is so myopic that anything other than there little world makes no sense to them. They do not see any big picture and do not think of themselves as anything but ordinary.

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