Where Are Those Instant Good Paying Jobs We Were Promised?

Another seriously detached from reality Dim Phreak letter to the editors of The Hare-Dispatch:

“Take Rep. Bobby Schilling. How many times did we see ads haranguing Phil Hare about a lack of jobs? Schilling has exactly ZERO bills to help us out—ZERO.”

Where do they get these people? Taverns? Rehab? Homeless shelters? Mental institutions?

In the QCs, job loss began during St. Lane Evans tenure—good union jobs, too. It never improved after 4 years of Hare—unemployment got WORSE.

Yet to these intellectually challenged individuals, the fact that Bobby Schilling hasn’t produced mass quantities of jobs in three months is a crime against humanity—or something.

Let’s hope Mr. ZERO represents the conventional wisdom of the Democrat political class, because if it is—Schilling in a landslide in ’12!!1111!!.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

10 thoughts on “Where Are Those Instant Good Paying Jobs We Were Promised?”

  1. 1. Bob didn’t create this mess – Bush did.

    2. The reason Bob is failing is because Obama.

    3. Bob is brand new and doesn’t even know where the bathrooms are — how is he supposed to fix things?

    4. Phil Hare is unAmerica.

    5. Bob loves God, Country and Flag. If you don’t believe me ask the guy wearing his high school wrestling medals — Bill Albrecht.

  2. Yeah Bobby is such a failure that he is already on Committees that it took Lane Evans 30 years to earn…

    Schilling is such a failure…I mean look at how bad he has failed to get anything done…

    I mean he is one of 435 members in the house of representatives! He has so much power and influence.

    Is this retard for serials?

  3. I’m making a prediction right now:

    LeftisRight is either 1 of the following:

    1. a retard.
    2. a socialist retard.
    3. a union retard.
    4. a former phil hare employee retard.
    5. a troll who is hilarious.

    So he/she has an 80% chance of being a retard.

  4. Just so we’re clear on Democrats and what we actually believe, LeftisRight is clearly a fool for mocking a hero like Albracht. That guy fought for our nation and almost died, was wounded and saved 120 men from death.

    He did all this just so fuckstain liberals like yourself can get on here and mock him.

    If you’re going to mock a veteran, then at least put your real fucking name on this blog. At least look into his eyes and mock him.

    You guys are classic.

  5. Wrestling medals…he got those for getting shot and grenades thrown at him shit head.

    The fucking nerve of these pinkos drives me fucking nuts!

  6. We paid Albret every dime due for serving our Country. We also gave him a huge government pension with full healthcare. If Albert wants to walk around with medals on his chest so be it, just don’t expect the rest of us to fall at his feet and worship.

  7. How many jobs bills did Phil Hare put through? It was a lot I believe.

    We didn’t create any jobs from any of those bills but that’s not Phil’s fault, it’s our fault. We struck the deal and Phil had to go.

    My cousin Mike and I blocked all the good jobs so that Phil would get fired and have to be replaced in the next election by Mike.

    The Deal has been cut. Schilling under Schock. Jacobs over Schock in a landslide victory. Schillings kid to get paid by special interests and work for my cousin. Check mate.

  8. But dave, if Marvelous Mike goes to DC, who will inherit the Jacobs Birthright Illinois Senate Seat?

    You? Who?

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