Moses Was A Kneecapper . . .

. . . or something.

Leftwing Rev. Ron Quay labors mightily to tie public employee union activism to the Bible.

Hilarity ensues!

According to the good Reverend, Moses was a community organizer and union activist because his fight against the Pharaoh is JUST LIKE what is happening in Wisconsin—and not even in ancient Eqypt because Quay links the recent Eqyptian and Middle Eastern/North African rise against their respective dictators with Scott Walker, too.


Quay ends his unhinged, fact-free screed this way:

“The ability for the group of workers to organize and bargain over working conditions and compensation is a step toward the justice we hear called for in the long Biblical tradition.”

Gimme a freakin’ break.

The public employee unions buy politicians who in return give them whatever they want.

In this scenario, it is the TAXPAYERS who are the downtrodden, not the unionists because the politicians and unions are working together in order to screw taxpayers out of more of their money so the unions can have MORE.

Is that just? Is that fair? Is it even Biblical?

And don’t you love the fact that the left is always sneering about how the right uses the Bible to bolster their positions, but turns a blind eye when their own side does the same damned thing?

Double standards? Hypocrisy? Business as usual in Leftwinger World?



Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

One thought on “Moses Was A Kneecapper . . .”

  1. I read this article in the newspaper and just shook my head. It reminded me of the Ray Stevens song – “Would Jesus wear a Rolex on his Television Show”. Modern Union battles are not a case of the Have versus the Have Nots. Modern day union battles are a case of the Haves versus the I lust for my neighbors wife, car and house.

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