Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste

Illinois Senate President Cullerton expects Republicans to vote for more taxes.

Gov. Pat Quinn seeks more money through higher taxes on nuclear generators.

Senate President John Cullerton pushes $1.00 per pack hike on cigarettes to finance union construction jobs.

The one thing you won’t hear Illinois Democrats proposing is deep cuts in spending, but what else can we expect from people who are so deep in denial?

In Illinois, we don’t have a revenue problem, we have an 8 year long Democrat spending problem.

Quinn may feel good about taxing those big, bad energy corporations, but we all know any tax increase will be passed on to consumers and businesses—a sure way encourage job creation!

Cullerton’s cigarette tax isn’t needed according to the GOP—this is just another Democrat grab for our wallets.

There is absolutely no way the Democrats can tax their way out of the $80 billion in looted pension funds and the multiple billions owed on bills. I’m sure Democrats know this, but they also know more $$$$ in the general fund will be more $$$$ for wealth redistribution to family, friends, cronies and special interests.

The good news is we’ll be able to see what kind of Democrats Verschoore and Jacobs are: tax and spend liberals in the pocket of special interests or champions of the downtrodden taxpayers.

Both of these men lost their virginity when they voted for the massive tax increase in January and I suspect now they won’t be able to get enough of TAX! TAX! TAX! SPEND! SPEND! SPEND!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste”

  1. The Obama doctrine — raise the price of conventional energy sources. Now Quinn wants to help by raising the cost for electricity for Illinois citizens by increasing taxes on nuclear power. 😯

  2. We’ve heard that ‘crisis’ quote so many times now it has simply become an almost humorous part of America’s history instead of remembering what an inhuman pile of liberal crap filled opportunist would say such a thing. Has society really slid so low as to excuse that philosophy as, “Aw heck, that’s just our mayor!”. Disasters don’t create heros, disasters expose heros.

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