Game On

The Hare-Dispatch:

“Former U.S. Secret Service agent and Vietnam veteran William ‘Bill’ Albracht plans to announce his candidacy for Illinois Senate in the 3th District at the annual Mercer County Lincoln Day Dinner in Aledo.”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

19 thoughts on “Game On”

  1. Marvelous Mike’s statement was hilarious!

    “we just finished one election”—that Mike wasn’t involved in—in any way. I don’t remember him campaigning for any of the wonderful Democrat candidates.

    And then there was the oh-so-typical self-important “I have a lot of important work to do (in session)”—yeah, like voting for more taxes.

    Then the “but it’s a little early” to talk about campaigning—which is hypocritical since Mike started talking about running for congress immediately after Hare was beaten like a rented mule.

    But I don’t expect intellectual honesty from someone like Mike and I don’t expect Brandy Donaldson to call him on it, either.

    Also hilarious are the comments at the link; it looks like a replay of Schilling v. Hare. The Dims tout Mike’s degrees from party schools over Albracht’s real world experience. Of course all that didn’t matter when uneducated plumber Verschoore beat LSoE graduate Lioen or the uneducated Hare was selected over two lawyers (Schwiebert and Sullivan), etc.

    This is gonna be fun—already the Dim Phreaks are grasping at straws and gasping for air! 🙂

  2. The deal has been cut! I’ve told you dopes a million times now!!!!!!

    Schock over Schilling. Jacobs over Schock. Schillings kid to work for Jacobs in DC with the special interests making bocu bucks!

    It’s done. Over. Check mate. You’ve been sold out.

    I hear Jacobs is in talks with Harrison Wallace now about running in the dem primary for Verschoore’s seat.

    The rise of new leadership is upon us.

  3. OK Dave, but we’re talking about state senate here, not US congress.

    If Marvelous Mike goes to DC, who gets the hereditary Jacobs senate seat and runs against Albracht?

    As marvelous as Mike is, even he can’t run for state senate and US congress both at the same time.

  4. Pat Verschoore will beat Albracht just like he beat Leione. Jacobs will beat Schock for Congress. Albracht jumped the gun. Schilling should be the one running against Verschoore for Senate.
    Anyone that can read could see that Jacobs was saying that the elections just got over we need to see where things are and who is running for what.

  5. Let me get this straight:

    1. Verschoore will run against Albracht for the coveted Jacobs Legacy Senate Seat.

    2. Schilling should not run for a second term in congress but run against Verschoore for state rep? senate? huh? what!?!

    3. Marvelous Mike Jacobs is just like Marvelous Barack Obama—he can’t make a decision, votes “present”, is not a leader and will instead hang back to see how things shake out and let the “international community” make the decision and take the heat.

    As Lou demonstrates, you don’t have to be delusional to be a Democrat—but it helps!

  6. Who is this “we”? How does he play any part in the nomination or candidate of another party? I say F-off

  7. Pithy, as always, T.


    Another thing in Lou’s comment indicates no matter what Jacobs runs for, he can be defeated: “we need to see where things are and who is running for what”.

    So Jacobs has no “fire in the belly” for anything; he doesn’t care much about running for congress or senate, he is waiting for others to make a move, then he’ll decide—maybe.

    Does this sound like what a man would do who is SERIOUS about running—for ANYTHING?

    Marvelous Mike’s problem is that, like Hare, he has never had to work hard to get elected, and it seems he doesn’t care to get involved in any race that requires serious commitment or breaking a sweat.

    I know Albracht is serious and a hard worker; I know Schilling and Schock are serious and know how to work to win; Marvelous Mike—not so much.

    The minute he won his first full term as senator in ’08, he immediately began exploring running for governor. Like Obama, he is looking for the next rung on the ladder. Defeating the seriously unserious Marvelous Mike, The Pampered Politburo Prince, is doable for anyone with a work ethic—something MM is seriously lacking.

  8. Schilling should run for Stare Senate as he will get killed by Schock!
    Jacobs will be a great Congressman.
    Verschoore will be a great State Senator.
    Mike Boland over Rep Morthland easily
    Mark Schwiebert state Rep over Lionel.

  9. ZZZzzzzzz

    Step up your game Good Gal Lou or return to Spam Hell.

    Your idiotic twaddle is tiresome.

  10. Schilling just ended all collective bargaining for union workers. I thought he was a union president fo afl-coi?

    He nmust be sheep in wolfs clothing.

  11. “Braggert” and show off describes Marvelous Mike Jacobs perfectly.

    If it’s Albracht vs. Jacobs for state senate, you’ll have no one to vote for, Geraldine.

  12. Guess I should check my spelling. Sort of creepy you want to make fun of me for it after some of the stuff I see on here.

  13. Geraldine is right on as usual. Jacobs brother over Albracht, Jacobs over schock, schock over schilling.

    I don’t get why you can’t understand that the deal has been cut and done. It’s over.

    Schillings kid will work for Mike. He is already doinbg opposition research against his own father.

  14. Abortions should be free at walmart. Anyone who is 16 years old should be forced to have an abortion.

  15. Well yeah faux Mike, it’s that kind of mindless lefty lockstepping that finally flipped me on you.

    I always hated you because:

    1. The dirty backroom deal that spawned you, which was organized by your daddy and three of his Democrat cronies—there ought to be more effort put forth in getting a plum position like a state senate seat.

    2. You are a loose cannon, which is good for blogging material, but makes you an embarrassment. Your “thumbs-down” theatrics at the Blago impeachment vote was cringe-inducing.

    But at least in the past you voted in step with your district—which is moderate, not Hyde Park leftist.

    For some reason, over the last couple of years, all that changed and now you are just another tax and spend liberal in the pocket of Big Labor.

    We just got rid of one leftwing Democrat buffoon who was spawned in a dirty backroom deal and was always saying and doing wacky stuff, and now we need to get rid of the other one.

  16. Jacobs research staff is being inundated with unsolicited tips from around the Country regarding Albret’s penchant for violence, racism and marital history.

  17. Can’t wait to see what’s in Mike’s divorce file!

    . . . and his six year long voting record—we already know he voted to loot the pension funds

    . . . and the connection between his daddy’s lobbying clients and Mike’s votes and the committees he is on

    . . . and the sleazy way his daddy handed over his senate seat to Mike with the help of three of his Democrat cronies

    Ooooh, I can’t wait for the Powerful Politburo Poobahs to tell Mike what he is allowed to run for—congress or state senate.

    Either way—it’s gonna be a hoot!

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