Priced Themselves Right Out Of The Market

The Hare-Dispatch has another editorial about the continuing sad, sorry saga of Thomson prison.

This time the editorial centers around a letter sent to the Obama administration by 10 members of the Illinois delegation stating they will not fund federal purchase of the prison until the Obama administration “commits to backing off its plan once and for all to move Gitmo detainees to Thomson . . . and join us in turning it into a maximum-security federal prison.”

Whether Obama will ever admit that his scheme to close Gitmo was a mistake is unlikely and it would drive his leftwing base into a frothing frenzy, but why does Thomson have to be bought by the feds?

Thomson was built over a decade ago as a state prison to alleviate overcrowding in this state, but once it was up the great brains in Springfield realized they did not have the money to staff it with expensive union labor—it would have been a budget buster on steroids.

Blago tried to get Pontiac closed and have staff and prisoners moved to Thomson, but Big Labor fought it in court and his decision was overturned. Those poor downtrodden union workers just didn’t want to leave their wonderful hometown.

So now Illinois is still in a world of financial hurt—even worse than a decade ago, yet the state still clings to its outmoded union-only hiring policy.

It does not do the state any good if the only jobs that count are union jobs, so why can’t Thomson get a special dispensation and allow non-union workers to have jobs there?

People of this state need jobs, the State O’ Illinois needs money yet they cling to their old ideas that one union worker making $100 an hour is better than 10 non-union people making $10 an hour.

Those days are over and governors and lawmakers in more progressive states are beginning to realize that the old union-model is not working and is unsustainable.


Author: qcexaminer

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