Kreative ‘Krat Kash

When Illinois banned indoor smoking in 2008 the casinos really took a hit.

I suppose back then the Democrats thought the bill would never come due for their reckless, drunken spending binge and thought moral preening was more important than a steady revenue source.

Those days are over and now the House has proposed two bills to loosen the noose of the smoking ban in order to get some more cash for their money pit.

HB1965 would allow smoking in the casinos.

Under the second measure, HB1310, “smoking licenses could be issued to bars that get less than 10 percent of their revenue from food service, adult entertainment outlets and private clubs if authorized by members.”

Bonus hootalicious quote from a Democrat lawmaker:

“It’s about local control. Let the business owner decide whether this is a benefit to their operation.”

Yeah, right a Democrat touting “local control” is about as believable as a Democrat touting abolition of abortion.

And where was all this concern for “local control’ when they voted this in?

These licenses are NOT about “local control”, they are about the desperate grab for even more of our $$$$ in order to fill the huge hole they dug over the last eight years.

The article says there are no other states that have “smoking licenses” and you can bet before they are done, the Illinois Democrats will invent a whole new level of creative cash grabbing.

Ya gotta love our wonderful State O’ Illinois—they take away our rights then make us pay to get ’em back!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “Kreative ‘Krat Kash”

  1. Even small bars should be able to afford nice filtration, and then there would be no legit reason for a ban anyway, if there ever was one.

    But yeah, they’d like to only allow casinos to have the permission, so they can suck the smokers out of other bars and into their casinos. But that would maybe get challenged in court, so they’ll try a $3000 annual fee, or something to give the casinos an advantage.

    In any case, you’re right, they make a probably unconstitutional restriction on a private business, then bill them to get it back. Now the business people will have to bribe their local Democrats to keep the fees low. Our government is so great at running scams. It’s just another smoke screen to take money from our pockets.

    Maybe our state Democrats will learn a lesson from this … government interference reduces commerce. They only seem to know to use government to take money from citizens, for their cronies. Why else would a Democrat want to be in office, except to have power over the little people? 😯

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