The Nitpickers Gazette

At a fundraiser in New Hampshire, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann confused Concord, New Hampshire with Concord, Massachusetts in a speech.

With the Obama press, no GOP gaffe goes unnoticed or unheralded so AP made this amazing statement:

“Though Bachmann probably wasn’t the first to confuse Concord, N.H. with Concord, Mass., her mistake was striking given her roots in the tea party movement, which takes its name from the dumping of tea into Boston Harbor by angry American colonists in December, 1773 . . .”

“Striking”? Really AP? So any GOP candidate who supports low taxes and smaller government is deemed illegitimate by the establishment press if they aren’t Revolutionary War scholars?

That’s quite a stretch, but any GOPer working to unseat The Won should expect every utterance to be picked over and parsed until something negative to “report” emerges.

Both the press and Obama are in full campaign mode and neither cares how silly, stupid or trite they look if it can get The Won one more vote to victory.

Sure, Huckabee with his ridiculous attack on Natalie Portman, Newt Gingrich who can’t keep his pants on, the bazillionaire celebrity Donald Trump and Bachmann are the B, maybe C-Team of GOP presidential politics, but those more serious candidates need to learn how the press operates as Obama’s propaganda arm and how to counter it.

In ’11 and ’12 it’s not just going to be shrieks of RAAAACIST, it’s gonna be the press making stuff up.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “The Nitpickers Gazette”

  1. Ahh but is she as intelligent as President Barack Obama whom can count all 57 states. He is so intelligent he can probably name all the capitals of those 57 states. 😆

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